(Audio) NFL: Buccaneer’s Murphy Tells 911 He’s Drunk And Missing The Party

Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s Louis Murphy is never going to live this one down with his boys…or anyone else for that matter. Seems he was displaced from a wedding party and had to call 911.

Police Release Mother’s 911 Call After Her Son Fell In With The Gorillas At Cincinatti Zoo

The official 911 call that mom made to the Cincinatti Zoo, following her son falling into the gorilla pit has officially been released.

(Audio) NBA: 911 Call Reveals Gerald Green Was Unconscious & Bleeding

Reports went out yesterday that Miami Heat guard Gerald Green is in the hospital but there’s been no official word on what is wrong with him.  Today the 911 call was released and it gives us a little more information.

(Audio) NBA: Lamar Odom 911 Call Released

Slowly more and more details are coming out about what happened with Lamar Odom.  Now the 911 call that was made has been released and it reveals that he was bleeding from his nose and mouth, there was a white substance on his face & more.  Sending lots of prayers his way.  Hit the jump to listen to it…

Audio: Police Call Released From Prankster At Lil Wayne’s Home

Yesterday morning, Miami police (NOT 911) received a call from a man claiming to be inside Lil Wayne’s home, saying he’d shot 4 people and had plans of starting a “fire fight” with the police when they arrived. Thankfully, it turned out to be a hoax. After searching the large Miami mansion for over 2 hours, cops gave the all-clear, and determined this was yet another unfortunate incident of “swatting.” Lil Wayne was not at home at the time, though he was in Miami. He later tweeted, “Prank kall mane.” Listen to the police call below.

(Audio)NBA: SMH, Donald Sterling’s Wife Shelly Refers To V.Stiviano As “African Black” During 911 Call!

Oh boy, I thought Shelly Sterling claimed she wasn’t racist? Who the hell refers to someone as an “African Black”? Anyway, audio of the 911 call Shelly made when she believed V. Stiviano broke into her home to harass Donald was released and the entire thing just sounds sketchy. She wants police to go but doesn’t want them to try and call Donald. Shelly herself is in France and called 911 after her gardener noticed Stiviano going into the home and called Shelly. And it doesn’t seem like Stiviano was there to harass Donald at all, not since they were found in the bedroom.

(Audio) NFL Player Made 911 Call on Former Destiny’s Child Member Farrah Franklin — Take A Listen

Yesterday we learned more details about the arrest of former Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin that involved 2 NFL players. Well now the 911 call has been released. Check it out…

(Audio) Dispatcher From Maya Angelou’s 911 Call Suspended After Saying What About Oprah?

Well, that’s just rude. A North Carolina emergency dispatcher was overheard trash talking Oprah during Maya Angelou’s 911 call. Doesn’t seem like the time or place to be spreading your ignorance guy. Find out exactly what he had to say about Oprah, Maya Angelou’s good friend, after the jump.

(Audio) 911 Call Released In Maya Angelou’s Passing

Just listening to these words make the heart heavy. The world took a tremendous loss when Dr. Maya Angelou passed away and many have spoken out. The 911 call has been released and it would seem that Dr. Angelou did not want to be resuscitated once she had passed. The caller and the 911 operator spoke on making attempts, because there was no, “Do Not Resuscitate” order on site. All that could have been done was attempted. Check out the call down bottom.

(Audio) Sports: Tape Released Of Burger King Manager Calling 911 On Jameis Winston

This is just a stupid waste of time for everyone involved. Though this incident is not really recent, the release of the call to police is. A burger king manager near Florida State University called the police on Jameis Winston after she said he was stealing soda by filling up small cups meant for ketchup with soda. Does that really warrant a call to police? She also complains they were outside causing a disturbance. This is a huge case of someone overreacting. Hit the jump to listen.

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