(Video) Tyler, The Creator – Who Dat Boy

Throughout the week, Tyler The Creator was teasing fans on social media, counting down until the moment when he would drop something new. The Odd Future rapper delivered a new video for “Who Dat Boy”, as well as a new track “911/Mr. Lonely”, which you can listen to after the jump!

(Video) 911 Operator Arrested For Hanging Up On Callers

A 911 Operator in Houston was arrested on October 14th after she reportedly said to a caller “Ain’t nobody got time for this” and hung the phone up.

(Photo + Video) Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani Forgets All About 911

Rudy Giuliani has some serious re-evalutaing to do. While in Ohio former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani totally forgets that 911 ever happened. While speaking on the two-term presidency of fellow Republican George W. Bush, he says that there has been no “successful radical Islamic terrorist attack” during those 8 years. He says the terrorist attacking started once Clinton and Obama came into office.

(Video) Trump Says His Polices Would’ve Prevented 9/11, Calls Hillary Clinton The Founder Of ISIS

The bs that comes out of this man’s mouth on a daily basis is really incredible. He never ceases to amaze.

(Video) Family Put On Hold While Calling 911 As Dog Mauls Their 3-Day-Old Baby

A family called 911 twice and was put on hold as their dog mauled their 3-day-old baby. The father says he was placed on hold for about 30 seconds. This is triple time for emergency call hold times. After being tired of waiting, the father hung up and drove the child to the hospital. Upon reaching the hospital, the child was declared dead.

(Video) Ouch: Donald Trump Calls Accidentally Calls ‘9-11’ ‘7-Eleven’

Good ol’ Donald Trump. Back at it again with the stupid comments. While at a rally in Buffalo, NY, he spoke on the 911 terrorist attacks. Well atleast that’s what he was trying to speak on. Accidentally, Trump called 911, ‘7-Eleven.’ His mind was clearly on a Big Gulp rather than the 911 terrorist attacks in which he was speaking on.

Waitress Tipped Big By George W. Bush Tweets That He Did 9/11

Leisa Smith was having a good serving shift when former President George Bush & wife Laura sat at her table and tipped her very well. Leisa than turned her back on Bush and went on Twitter to claim he set up 9/11 – one of the biggest conspiracies amongst theorists. Hit the jump for this mockery.

‘There’s A 9/11 Coming’…Presidential Candidate Lindsey Graham Warns The U.S Of ISIS

Presidential candidate Lindsey Graham warned the nation on Sunday there is bound to be another mass murder, this time in our country if we don’t do something to stop ISIS. Read the full story after the jump.

(Photo) 53 Year Old Man Calls 911 Because Girlfriend Isn’t Having Sex With Him

53 Year Old Man Calls 911 Because Girlfriend Isn’t Having Sex With Him. Hop into the post for all the details! #IFWT!

(Photos+Video) You’ll Never Guess Why This 911 Operator Was Arrested . . .


A NYPD 911 operated was arrested for making fake 911 emergency calls that sent firefighters rushing to an apartment building that they believed was locked with unattended food cooking on the stove. The truth is, she was evicted and wanted to retrieve things she’d forgotten.

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