NFL: Aaron Rodgers Has Reportedly Been Cut Off From His Family For The Past Two Years

Aaron Rodgers has not been the usual elite level quarterback we’re used to seeing from past seasons on the field this year. While there could be many factors attributing to the decline in his performance on the field, an anonymous source says the main reason is issues with his family. In a detailed story for Bleacher Report, writer Tyler Dunne explains that the source says Rodgers has been cut off from any contact with his family for about two years now and it was Rodgers who did it.

(Video) NFL: Aaron Rodgers Drops F-Bomb On National TV During Game Against Bears

Aaron Rodgers looked bad and was frustrated during last night’s loss to the Bears at home. The game was televised on NBC and the network probably wishes Rodgers didn’t have such a bad game after he dropped an F-bomb for everyone watching at home to hear loud and clear. The slip came on a play where Rodgers mishandled the snap from center but it was pretty much how their night went as a whole overall.

NFL: Russell Wilson Responds To Aaron Rodgers Jab Over God Wanting The Packers To Beat Seattle

Everyone knows Russell Wilson has a tight relationship with God and is a religious man. He had previously rubbed people the wrong way when he claimed basically that God decided the outcome of football games after the Seahawks beat the Packers in the NFC Championship last year. Aaron Rodgers was one of the players who had something to say about it at the time saying God had more important things to do than worry about football. Fast forward to this past Sunday and the Packers beat Seattle in Green Bay and of course, God came up again.

NFL: Did Aaron Rodgers Throw a Shot at Russell Wilson? ‘I think God was a Packers fan tonight’

For someone who has said that he doesn’t believe God cares much about football, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made a comment after Sunday night’s game at Lambeau Field that could only be taken as a shot at Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

NFL: 14-Year-Old Bears Fan Names His Brain Tumor After Hated Rival, ‘Aaron Rodgers’

The rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears is real, so is the hatred each fan feels for the other team.  So naturally when an avid Green Bay Packers fan asked young Chicago Bears fan Miguel Reyes what he wanted to name the thing he disliked most in his life, the answer was immediate.

(Video) Sports: Olivia Munn Looks Lethal As Her & Boyfriend Aaron Rodgers Work out

Aaron Rodgers might be a tough NFL quarterback but from the looks of things, he’s got nothing on his girl, Olivia Munn. The couple were spotted working out together, getting their sweat on in the gym, but the star of the clip by far is Olivia.

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