(Photos) Former Baby-sitter Charged With Kidnapping Of A 2-year-old Massachusetts Toddler

Twenty-one year old Abigail Hanna of Topsfield, Massachusetts has been charged for the kidnapping of little Lyndon Albers who was found naked, bruised and alone with her head shaved on the side of the road. Read more after the jump.

Young Girl Named Hero Saves Brother From Abduction Attempt

A young girl from Iowa has been named a hero after saving her brother from an abduction attempt from their home. The Ames County Police Department said, the girl woke up Friday morning “to some commotion in the basement.” That’s when she got out of bed and took action.

Ex President Says Some Of Nigeria’s Missing Girls May Never Return

Nigeria’s former president Olusegun Obasanjo told media that some of the estimated 2oo girls abducted may never return. Obasanjo criticized current president Goodluck Jonathan administration for taking too long to respond to the tragedy. This is a point that has been echoed all around the world since the abductions began.

(Video) Over 200 Nigerian Schoolgirls Abducted And Reportedly Forced To Marry Extremists For $12

Over 200 kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls were abducted from their school in the past week, and in the tragic set of events, helpless parents are discovering that their daughter’s are now being married to the extremist abductors of the Boko Haram network.

Teenager Escapes After Being Held Captive!!

On Friday, a teenage girl climbed out of a house window in Lubbock, Texas after being held against her will. Hit the jump for more details on the abduction.

(Video) Footage Of People Being Abducted In NYC?!?

Near Columbia’s 173rd street campus in Washington Heights, a man and a woman were spotted getting abducted in a minivan. Two students nearby who saw the whole thing reported it to the NYPD. Now the NYPD has released footage, and it is surely disturbing. Take a look after the jump.

Child Abducted 19 Years Ago Found & You’ll Never Believe Who Abducted Him!

I cannot imagine the feeling of a child going missing and cannot imagine the joy this mother must be feeling that he son was found alive and well after being missing for 19 years. Richard Wayne Landers, Jr. was abducted when he was only 5-years old and was found after his social security card was handed in. Landers, who is married and expecting his first child, is said to be living under a different name. The boy’s would be step-father handed in his Social Security card and when the number was used, the missing child was found. The crazy part of this story isn’t how he was found, but who abducted him and why! Find out more below. Julie A.

UPDATE: Police Arrest College Student In Case Of Murdered 10-Year-Old

A teenager who lived just a mile from a 10-year-old Colorado girl who was abducted and killed earlier this month has been arrested in her death, along with a May attack on a runner, authorities said Wednesday.  Click “more” below for details. DJ Matthew Tyler

FBI Searching For 12-Year-Old Girl Missing From NJ!

The FBI is frantically looking for a 12 year-old girl who went missing from her Dad’s Clayton, NJ home on Saturday. She went out for a bike ride and never came home… If you have ANY information regarding Autumn Pasquale, please report it immediately to the police. Click below for more photos and details. Melissa Nash

3rd Trip To The Death Chair For Texas Inmate

Cleve Foster, 48, who was convicted of abducting and slaying Nyaneur Pal, a 30-year-old Sudanese woman, is scheduled for another trip to the death chair after his first two scheduled trips were halted. Foster, a former Army recruiter, vehemently denies the his role in the rumor and is hopeful his lawyers are able to work out another appeal to clear his name. Click below to read more. Jason J.

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