BREAKING NEWS: Federal Judge Declares Texas Abortion Restrictions Unconstitutional, Blocks Enforcement

A federal judge on Monday blocked part of a recently signed Texas law that requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. District Judge Lee Yeakel declared that the new regulations, passed during a special legislative session this summer, unconstitutionally restricted women’s access to abortion clinics and infringed on doctors’ rights to act in their patients’ best interests. Read more below.

NBA: TMI? Udonis Haslem Under Fire After Revealing Something Personal in Wedding Annoucement

I’m all about having choices and each person can do what they want, but not everyone feels that way — esp. when it comes to controversial topics.  Sometimes things are better left unsaid.  Heat baller Udonis Haslem is now under firing for sharing something personal in his wedding announcement.  Was it the appropriate time to share the info?! Check it out & let us know what you think…

(Video) WOAH! Florida Man Tricks Girlfriend Into Doing WHAT?!?!

A Florida man could possibly face life in federal prison for tricking his girlfriend….. but how exactly did he trick her? Hit the jump to hear what this man did that could leave him locked up in the joint forever!

(PHOTOS) NBA: Royce White Allegedly Paid $20K For Woman to Have Abortion (But She Didn’t)

Oh lawd.  Here we go AGAIN.  The Royce White drama continues.  We’ve shared the stories of Royce allegedly having a few babies mamas and may have 3 babies on the way (#s 3, 4 and 5).  Well the woman with baby #3 is claiming that he gave her $20k to have an abortion and of course she is sharing texts as proof.  Yikes.  SMH.  Fellas, I hope you are learning from this!!! Details after the jump…

(Video) Crazy!!! College Students Have Abortion Battles?!?!?!?!

Students at Hunter College in New York City posted videos of themselves playing a controversial game that now has everyone talking. Quickly, the video is being taken from the internet. If you haven’t seen the wild footage of their “abortion battle,” watch how the game is played after the jump.

New Mexico Bill Would Make Abortions After Rape Illegal

A bill was introduced in New Mexico on Wednesday that would make abortions after rape illegal. According to the bill, the fetus could and should be used as evidence for a sexual assault trial. If a woman who gets pregnant after being raped gets an abortion, she faces felony charges of tampering with evidence which can lead to a woman being sentenced to jail for up to three years. The bill was introduced by Republican Cathrynn Brown who claims that the bill is more to punish those who commit rape. It sounds to me like more punishment for those who have been raped. I can’t imagine how horrific it is to be raped, yet alone get pregnant as a result of being raped. The bill is currently being fought and being called “blatantly unconstitutional.” Read more below.

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