(Video) WTF: Girl Addicted To Eating Deodorant!

Everyone has a weird addiction or food taste, but you don’t see someone addicted to eating deodorant that often. Hit the jump to see this weird addiction.

(Video) Macklemore And Obama: A Conversation About Addiction

Some hopeful news from the White House today. President Obama is looking for $1.1 Billion in support for drug treatment in the U.S. He’s also looking to bring awareness to the youth, and what better way to do that than to reach out to a popular rapper who’s had a history with addiction himself, Macklemore.

(Video) Actor Terry Crews Reveals His Porn Addiction

Terry Crews, NFL star turned famous actor, reveals his lifelong addiction to porn and it’s repercussions in a tell all about how it effected is outlook on women and his relationship with his wife. I think this is something a lot of people are afraid to speak on and it’s great he did this. Hit the jump.

(Photo+Video) Chris Brown: Family & Friends Worry He’s Addicted To Sizzurp; Chris Calls Accusations B.S.

Chris Brown has found himself in the hot seat again once again. Although it seems like Brown is really working hard at being a good father and staying out of the negative spotlight, TMZ recently reported that Breezy just might have an addiction to sizzurp. Hit the jump for more.

China’s Internet Boot Camps Are Increasing At Alarming Rates

In 2008 China declared internet addiction to be a clinical disorder. Since then there are approximately 250 “internet boot camps” in China. Involuntary incarceration, behavioral modification and military style discipline are the many techniques being used to fight internet addiction. Spreading to South Korea as well as the United States these boot camps have been popping up at an alarming rate.

(Video) Lil Keke Talks Lean And Says Its ‘The Saddest Thing In The Game’

Houston native Lil Keke, has taken to his latest interview to discuss the increase and glorification of Lean usage within the Hip Hop industry. Lil Keke says many who boost of the drug do not understand the consequences. Check out the full interview, below.

(Video) Danny Brown Talks Lean!

Danny Brown took to the Tim Westwood show, to discuss the damaging effects and consequences of dipping into the trippy world of ‘Lean’. Brown talks the after effects of being on lean, not being worth the high, and getting the ‘Gucci (mane) belly’ due to the heavy sugar soda intake, mixed with the drug. Watch as Danny Brown breaks down the effects of the opiate below.

Getcho Life: Zac Efron’s Friends Claim He Wasn’t Getting “Sushi” When Attacked, He Was Getting D-Rugs!

This past Sunday night, actor Zac Efron was mysteriously roaming the streets of a sketchy area of Downtown Los Angeles when he was “randomly” beat up. Efron claims his bodyguard (who’s reportedly a convicted drug dealer) was getting attacked, leading him to also get socked in the grill. However, what was he doing in a bad area of L.A. in the middle of the night? Apparently, he told his friends he was “getting sushi” (riiiiighhht) but it’s blatantly obvious that the former Disney star was copping some nose candy, being that he has an extensive history of cocaine use (2 times in rehab already.) Friends of Efron have been voicing their extreme concern, saying he’s falling off the wagon. Somebody get this man some help…FAST!

ScHoolboy Q Talks Balancing Fatherhood, Drug Use & Transitioning From The Streets To Rap

ScHoolboy Q has been doing tons of promo for his latest album Oxymoron that just dropped a few days ago and his die-hard fans world-wide are more than ecstatic about the overload of publicity he’s been getting. The TDE artist chopped it up with Vibe Magazine’s own Bonsu Thompson for an exclusive interview, covering so many topics. Q discussed his role as a father, why 50 Cent wasn’t on his album, the current status of his addiction problem, his relationship with Kendrick Lamar and much, much more. Read the whole interview below!

(Video) ScHoolboy Q Speaks On His Current Lean Usage & Admits It’s Affecting His Sex Life & Rapping

ScHoolboy Q dropped by Hot 97 this week to promote his forthcoming debut album, Oxymoron. During his chat with Angie Martinez, he admitted he’s back on lean after taking a break to record the album, and that it’s greatly affecting his personal life. Picking lean over a woman? That’s kind of crazy! Hear him out below and let us know what you think!

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