(Fellas Check The Pics!) MMA: UFC Lady Champ Ronda Rousey Goes Topless In New Fashion Ad!

UFC Ronda Rousey has let the world know while she does pack a punch, she can also get a little sexy outside the ring. Rousey is the first MMA fighter to ever land a fashion advertisement, and may I say she looks VERY HOT doing so! You be the judge, hit the jump to check out the sexy photo shoot…

Sports: Sponsor Logos on NBA Jerseys Likely Coming In Next 5 Years

This is terrible, I’m just not a fan of it — I don’t like it on WNBA jerseys as it is.  We’ve heard about it for a while, but now it looks like it’s going to happen.  You will see ads on NBA jerseys within the next 5 years says new NBA commish Adam Silver. Hit the jump for details…

(PHOTO) Sports: Wow, Shocking?! Pie Chart of How Much Football You Actually Watch In A Televised NFL Game!!

I can’t say I’m shocked at this, but it’s definitely a lot less than what I thought.  When you sit down every Sunday during the NFL season to watch a game, how much football do you actually see?  Think about it — take out the commercials, replays, etc.  You might be surprised at what you’re actually watching.  It’s kinda crazy! Check out this chart that breaks it all down…

(Video) How To Block Facebook Auto-Play Ads!!

Actually This has been coming for sometime, but now that thy have announced that it’s coming this week a good bit of people are quite upset, so let’s see how we can help!

(Photos) Sex Sells… LITERALLY! Japanese Advertisers Place Ads WHERE???

Advertising platforms gain a new zone. The list includes: billboards, commercials, blogs, newspaper slots, blogs, etc. In Japan, public relations consultants decided to use a much more revealing tactic. Pun intended. Hit the jump for the briefing.

Get Paid To Do WHAT On Your Smartphone??

Paying off that data plan got you struggling? A new app for Android will put some coin in your pocket – literally. Locket, a new lock screen app, will pay you a penny each time you unlock your phone. There is one condition, though…

NBA To Allow Teams To Sell & Display Ads On Court and Backboards Next Season

Oh how I love the game, but I can’t stand ads — yes, I know it’s the money maker.  Trust me, I’ve been in radio/TV for a while now and know what it is – but it doesn’t mean I have to like it!  The NBA will allow advertising on the court and backboards for the first time next season.  Details after the jump…

WOW!!! Google’s Display Ads Are Being Questioned By WHO???

So after fighting and winning an antitrust case a few months ago, Google finds itself once again fighting another case. This time, for its display ads on its site. The FTC wants to ask Google some questions about the display ads we see. Is they company using its power to force advertisers and publishers to use the company’s display-ad services, such as its advertising exchange in order to gain ranking on its site? According to some ad sources say Google is playing fair while others are saying they are taking advantage. TatWza

Tumblr Puts Ads On WHAT?

Tumblr started putting ads on its mobile applications. Both iPhone and Android users will see ads stream as they scroll down their dashboard. The ads are similar to Tumblr Radar but are mobile-enhanced.

‘Think Different’ Campaign Creator Says Apple Needs Help With Their Ads

Think Different campaign creator thinks Apple is falling behind because Apple stayed with its product-based ads while Samsung invested their time and money into people ads. Using people ads according to Segall and it created more of a buzz for Samsung over the time. Seagall once said Apple did a bad job trying the same tactic as Samsung but it failed because the ads made people seem stupid. Samsung has made remarkable inroads in a very short time, for two big reasons. First, it is spending a fortune to run its ads … more than Apple, more than HP and Dell, and even more than Coca-Cola … [Second] Samsung’s message has proven to be tremendously potent. The company continues to bash away at Apple, delivering ads that are well produced, well written and seem to be striking a nerve.”

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