NFL: Eagles’ Nigel Bradham Charged With Felony Battery For Allegedly Punching Hotel Worker

The bad news is piling up for Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham because he’s finally been formally charged with felony battery for allegedly punching a hotel worker back in July.

NBA: Glen Rice Jr. Arrested Again, This Time For Robbery & More

Former NBA player Glen Rice Jr. has gotten himself into more trouble as the 25-year old was arrested for robbery in Georgia on Monday morning.  The new arrest came less than a year after he was shot in a bizarre gunfight at T.I.’s restaurant.  Police found him bleeding, with 240 grams of weed, $6,000 in cash and video showed him ditching a gun.  He was charged with gun possession, reckless conduct and possession of marijuana in that case.  Now he has a new one.

Oh Lawd! Rick Ross Arrested [AGAIN] On Kidnapping & Assault Charges

UPDATE: 6/24/20115 – 1:00 a.m. Tsk Tsk! Ross has been DENIED bail. He will be sitting behind bars until his court hearing, happening on July 1. Fireworks before the 4th … um! UPDATE: 6/24/20115 – 11:38 a.m. Lucy, Ricky’s in trouble. According to police, Rick Ross took a Glock 9MM pistol and pistol-whipped a groundskeeper to the point of … well, arrest. Court documents state that the groundskeeper, Jonathan Zumidio was forced into a guesthouse bedroom at gunpoint, where Ross questioned the guy – for what, we do not know. Upon the wrong response, Ross pistol-whipped the guy, messing up his jaw, neck and chipping two teeth. Let’s just say, the groundskeeper is eating through a straw. Hit the jump for the details.

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