(Photo + Video) Twitter Goes In On Wyclef Jean For Saying “All Lives Matter”

While promoting his song, “Life Matters,” Wyclef spoke on Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. fighting “because all lives matter.” He deleted the tweet after Twitter started coming for him super hard.

(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather: ‘I’m Here to Say All Lives Matter’

Add Floyd Mayweather to the list of black athletes saying “All Lives Matter” as opposed to “Black Lives Matter.”

(Video/Mugshot) NFL: Black Man Ran on Field Wearing Gorilla Suit & “All Lives Matter” Shirt

A man dressed in a gorilla suit ran onto the field during Sunday’s Lions v. Bears game at Soldier Field.  The fan ran around the field for quite some time, roughly 45 yards before he slid and was tackled by security near the 40-yard line.  The fan was escorted from the field and arrested.  In addition to the gorilla suit, the person was also wearing a T-Shirt that read “All Lives Matter” on the front and “Put The Guns Down” on the back.  Since he was wearing a gorilla suit with “All Lives Matter,” a rebuttal to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, some people thought there was a racist element and a counter attack to Colin Kaepernick’s protest against racism and police brutality against black people.  It turns out, however, that the man is black.

NFL: Richard Sherman Says All Lives Matter & Connects #BlackLivesMatter to Killing Cops

Richard Sherman has always been outspoken and once again he’s speaking out about issues of race and violence currently affecting the country.  In a recent interview, he said All Lives Matter and he can’t fully support the Black Lives Matter movement.  He erroneously connected them with the killing of cops and said we need to start with the inner city gangs and black-on-black violence.

(Photo) Gucci Mane Will Headline ‘All Lives Matter’ Concert

Gucci Mane and friends are set to headline the ‘All Lives Matter’ concert in Biloxi, Mississippi this September. A portion of the proceeds will go to the families of Alton Sterling and also Philando Castile.

(Photo) Christina Milian Explains Her Reasoning For Tweeting ‘All Lives Matter’

Christina Milian tweeted ‘All Lives Matter’ and the internet went crazy. She has now explained her reasoning behind the tweet.

(Photos) Fetty Wap Catches Major Heat For ‘All Lives Matter Tweet’

Fetty Wap definitely felt the wrath of Twitter lastnight. The New Jersey rapper took to his Twitter lastnight to say his kids are mixed so there for #AllLivesMatter. Black Twitter was not having that as they bombed Fetty left and right.

(Video) SMH: Autistic Man Killed By Police At The Station!

This is newly released video footage of an incident causing the death of David Levi Dehmann, which took place on April 21st, 2015. The video shows, 33 year old, David Dehmann using his hand to point at an officer. The officer viciously slaps his hand away; causing the drunken Dehmann to put his hands up defensively. At that point, the officer slams the man on the ground and he never gets up.

Death Penalty? Man Charged With Rape Killing Ex-Girlfriend And Eating Her Organs!

Joseph Oberhansley admitted to killing his ex-girlfriend, Tammy Jo Blanton; and eating her heart, parts of her brain and lung! The 34 year old, Indiana native is facing charges of murder and abuse of a corpse. But, Monday an additional charge of rape was added after examining lab results from the September killing of the 46 year old woman.

(Video) A Healthy Dose Of Truth: Chris Hayes Talks About Problems In The “White Community”

This is a must watch! Chris Hayes uses a creative method of showing how unfairly media depicts the “black community” when choosing what to report, and even more so when choosing how to report it. He touches on sensitive topics like why “White On White Crime” (which does exist), is something we barely ever hear about in the news; yet, “Black On Black Crime” is reported daily and the term has become a common and familiar phrase. This coming after the coverage and scrutiny of African Americans displaying justifiably outrage; and lack thereof in regards to White American’s who riot for illegitimate reasons. Watch the full video for yourself!

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