Bill Cosby’s New NBC Show & TV Land “Cosby Show” Repeats Get Scrapped – Raven Symone Chimes In On Rape Allegations; Memes Gone Wrong, & More!!!

Damn you Bill Cosby!!! America’s beloved father figure’s career just went from 100 to 0, real quick. After fellow comedian Hannibal Buress heard of Cosby’s book deal in the making and progress of a television show, he went on a rant about past allegations of Cosby being a rapist. From there, the floodgates flew open. Barbara Bowman decided that after almost 30 years, she’d tell her story of torture. “He turned out all the lights. It was completely pitch black,” she said. “He laid me down on the couch and started caressing and touching me all over.” Bowman isn’t the only one to make claims of rape by Cosby. The total is about 13, and one accuser happens to be supermodel Janice Dickinson. a lot More details below.

New Bill Cosby Accuser Goes Into Troubling Detail Of Alleged Incidents!

With Cosby still under fire from recent allegations, more accusations pile on as a new accuser has come forward Sunday claiming that she was raped twice by Bill Cosby while working with the well respected comedian in 1996. These new allegations are being made by publicist Joan Tarshis in a story posted Sunday on the Hollywood Elsewhere web site. Hit the jump to read the shocking details of the alleged sexual assault which even suspects Cosby of using drugs to take advantage of her.

Ray J Responds To Morgan Hardman’s Allegations Of Him Assaulting Her

Ray J’s former assistant Morgan Hardman is claiming that she no longer works for a former employer because he assaulted her.

NFL: Darren Sharper Reportedly Apologized to One of The Women He Raped

Darren Sharper is in some serious trouble with all these rape allegations and now according to a police report he apologized to one of his victims in Arizona the morning after he allegedly raped her and her friend.  Hit the jump for details…

Woody Allen Rep Speaks Out Against Sexual Abuse Accusation From Adopted Daughter

After accusations of sexual abuse were relived through, Dylan Farrow, Woody Allen’s adopted Daughter with Mia Farrow, through an open letter, Allen’s reps have responded in a swift message. Hit the jump for more details.

50 Cent Denies Kicking His Baby’s Mother!

Look him in his face – Curtis Jackson ain’t got no worries. The MC has denied all allegations against him. Rumor mill is that fifty got arrested for destroying about $7,200 worth of materials in the Toluca Lake, California home of baby mother, Shaniqua Tompkins on June 23rd, and then proceeding to land his feet on her. Yeah he’s playing football – going around kicking people. Such sandbox actions. Any how, Mr. Jackson is denying all claims, and allows his lawyer to release a statement. Hit the jump and check it out.

The .40 Caliber That Lil Durk Was Caught With Wasn’t His ?!?!

If you are in need of legal advice, call on, Sam Adam Jr.! #300 affiliate, Lil Durk was arrested early Wednesday morning, and charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. Now, attorney Adam Jr. is saying that the gun did NOT belong to his client. Drop down bottom and get the juice.

(Video) Wade Robson Opens Up About Michael Jackson Allegations…MJ Estate Responds

After filing a suit against Michael Jackson’s estate earlier this week for sexual abuse as a child, Wade Robson has opened up about his claims. Though he’d previously said under oath that NOTHING inappropriate had gone on between him and Michael, he explains why he changed his story and what made him come forward. Watch the interview below, as well as a response from MJ’s camp.

NBA: Nick Young Responds To Rape Allegations

I was shocked when I first read the story about Nick Young being accused of drugging a woman and rape.  Not that there’s any “good” to this story, but the “good” part after the story came out was that cops later released a statement saying they didn’t believe the woman (you can read the story with updates HERE).  We hadn’t heard from Swaggy P … til now.  He just released a statement on Twitter/Instagram.  Check out what he had to say about it.

SMH: “Elmo” Voice Actor Kevin Clash Sued Again…This Time For Crystal Meth Allegations

They won’t leave this poor man alone! He’s already resigned, what more do you want?! One of his accusers from the original set of allegations, Sheldon Stephens, has brought a lawsuit against Clash, saying that he’d “lured” him into crystal meth parties when he was just 16. Come on, man! This is the same guy who sued Clash originally for the underage sex allegations, reached a settlement, said Clash never did it, then took it back because part of the settlement was for him to say that Clash never did it and he didn’t want to lie anymore. More details on this new suit below.

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