Tourist Says She Warned Hotel Of Alligator In Sight Before 2-Year-Old Baby Was Attacked At Disney Resort

Shawna Giacomini, a North Carolina tourist, witnessed the alligator roaming around the Disney resort are before 2-year-old Lane Graves was attacked. The woman says she and her 2 daughters were at the beach around 8:15pm when the alligator was spotted.

Family Will Not Sue In Gator Disney Attack

We have now learned that the family who lost their son to an alligator attack while at Disney will not sue. The parents of Lane Thomas Graves have decided to cope with their lost without any court action.

Disney World Is Slowly Removing All Alligator Imagery After Deadly Attack

Following the deadly alligator attack on a two-year-old earlier this month, Disney World is quietly removing all alligator imagery from its theme park.

Law Enforcement Says They Are Pretty Confident The Alligator That Killed The 2-Year-Old At Disney Resort Is Dead

Law enforemcent claims that they are pretty confident that they have killed the alligator that killed the 2-year-old child at the Disney Resort. A rep for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission says they have killed 6 alligators in the Seven Seas Lagoon.

(Video) Man Recalls Surviving An Alligator Attack At Disney Back In 1986

A New Hampshire man by the name of Paul Santamaria says he survived an alligator attack at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort back in 1986. The story came about after a 2-year-old was recently found dead after being attacked by an alligator in Orlando.

(Video) Footage Shows Previous Alligator Encounter At Disney World Weeks Before Killing

There actually was an alligator encounter among guests just weeks before unsuspecting 2 year old Lane Graves was dragged under and drowned.

2-Year-Old Dragged By Alligator Died Due To Drowning And Traumatic Injuries

An autopsy performed shows that the 2-year-old boy who got dragged into a lake died due to drowning and traumatic injuries. This was confirmed a day after Lane Graves body was found. The resort is currently still hunting for the alligator that killed the infant.

(Video) Disney Is Now Holding A News Conference On The Alligator Attack

Following the news that the 2-year-old child attacked by an Alligator has been found, there is now a news conference being held.

(Video) UPDATE: So Sad: Child Dragged Into Lake By Alligator At Disney Resort Presumed Dead

The 2-year-old taken by an Alligator at a Disney resort is presumed dead. Authorities are saying there is no way possible this child is still alive. Eye witnesses say they seen the baby playing in water when the alligator came up and attacked. The child’s father tried to fight the Alligator off but did not succeed. Officials are now searching for the child’d body

(Video) Neighboring Disney Resort Warned People Of Alligators

Last night we reported that a 2-year-old was allegedly taken by an Alligator in Orlando. Neighboring resorts made sure to warn their guest of Alligators. A resort just a few miles away from the resort called, Seven Seas Lagoon, had a ‘BEWARE OF ALLIGATORS’ sign.

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