(Video) NFL: Browns QB Johnny Manziel Speaks Out About Altercation With Fan


Last week, we reported that the rookie was under investigation by police for a brawl that occurred outside of his hotel. Today, Johnny Manziel claimed that he tried to “avoid an altercation at all costs”. Hit the jump for details.

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Chance The Rapper’s Brother Turns Himself In After Party Altercation


It seems as though mayhem broke out at a college party after an Ohio man stepped on the foot of Chance The Rapper’s brother and ended up getting into an altercation immediately after.

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(Video) LHHLA’s Teairra Mari Goes For L.A. Promoter’s Neck After Being Criticized For Struggle Performance


Now Teairra Mari is a beautiful woman, but the girl has definitely got a problem when it comes to confrontation and resorting to violence. Being that Teairra has had relationship drama and career drama behind her “0-100 attitude”, its safe to say that T may need some self reflection time before moving forward in life. It doesn’t look like things went so well for her in next week’s episode after receiving some pretty brutal feedback from Sincere. Damn T can’t get a W. See the blow up ensue.

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A Man Bites Off Another Man’s WHAT At A Jay-Z And Beyonce Concert?!


While attending The Carters On The Run Tour at the Rose Bowl on Saturday (August 2nd) two men got into an altercation that resulted in one getting their fingertip bit off! Find out what led to the fight after the jump!

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Tony Yayo Gets At Fredro Starr On Twitter About 50 Cent Altercation!



“Fredro Starr said he had me running I was locked up when 50 smacked the shit out em the industry” tweeted a hysterical Tony Yayo yesterday after being told of what Fredro Starr said on the previous days radio interview. “50 ran, Yayo ran, they all ran” said Fredro boastingly on the radio show about an altercation with him and 50 years ago. But according to Yayo, Fredro is telling fibs because he wasn’t even around when he says 50 put hands on Fredro. Hmm… who’s lying?

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NFL: Uh-Oh! Did Marshawn Lynch & DJ Mustard Get Into An Altercation?!?!


There’s a couple conflicting reports about Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch & rapper Mistah Fab getting involved in an altercation with producer DJ Mustard following YG’s concert at the Oracle Arena in Oakland last night.  We’re still trying to gather all the details, but check out what’s being said & we’ll keep you updated as we get more info…

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Jay Z, Beyonce, Solange Release Statement On ‘Elevator Incident’!

Solange, Jay Z & Beyonce after the fight

Beyonce, Jay Z, and Solange have taken to the Associated Press to release a statement on behalf of the elevator altercation, captured on surveillance footage, and going viral. Check out the full statement below!

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(VIDEO) Boxing: Lil Wayne Tried To Fight Marcos Maidana & Team After Mayweather Fight!!

IFWT_Floyd Wayne Bieb  2

What in the hell was Tunechi trying to do?! Apparently in some new footage that just surfaced, Lil Wayne tried to fight Marcos Maidana & his crew after his fight with Floyd Mayweather.  I wonder what set Wayne off?!?!  The footage comes from the locker room of the MGM Grand.
Check it out…

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(Video) RATCHET ALERT: Fight Breaks Out Inside Rutgers-Newark Dana Library


First things first, I graduated from Rutgers-Newark and it is an AMAZING college to attend (despite the fact it’s smack dab in the middle of the hood but what good school isn’t?) However, when things like this go down and get caught on camera, it’s just an all around horrible look for my former campus that already has a questionable rep just for being affiliated with the word “Newark.” Two men, who were NOT students, got into a physical altercation inside Dana Library on the RU-Newark campus on Wednesday night, March 26th, 2014 at 9:43 pm. The fight allegedly broke out once the aggressor thought the other man was “checking out his girlfriend.” Check out the whole fight caught on tape below.

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Sports: Setting The Record Straight! Wale Breaks Down What Happened With WWE Altercation


Yesterday we learned that rapper Wale got into some type of fight with a fan Monday night at WWE Raw.  Some reports were that he punched a fan and other reports said it was just some shoving (you can watch a quick video here).  So what really went down?!  Check out what he told MTV News…

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