(Video) RATCHET ALERT: Fight Breaks Out Inside Rutgers-Newark Dana Library


First things first, I graduated from Rutgers-Newark and it is an AMAZING college to attend (despite the fact it’s smack dab in the middle of the hood but what good school isn’t?) However, when things like this go down and get caught on camera, it’s just an all around horrible look for my former campus that already has a questionable rep just for being affiliated with the word “Newark.” Two men, who were NOT students, got into a physical altercation inside Dana Library on the RU-Newark campus on Wednesday night, March 26th, 2014 at 9:43 pm. The fight allegedly broke out once the aggressor thought the other man was “checking out his girlfriend.” Check out the whole fight caught on tape below.

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Sports: Setting The Record Straight! Wale Breaks Down What Happened With WWE Altercation


Yesterday we learned that rapper Wale got into some type of fight with a fan Monday night at WWE Raw.  Some reports were that he punched a fan and other reports said it was just some shoving (you can watch a quick video here).  So what really went down?!  Check out what he told MTV News…

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(Videos) NBA: It Got Heated & Physical!! Russell Westbrook & Patrick Beverley Get Into It!!

IFWT_Russell Patrick 1 2

What a crazy game last night! All kinds of “altercations” between the Thunder & Rockets.  What stood out most was the scuffles between Russell Westbrook & Patrick Beverley (because of their history - remember Westbrook’s season-ending surgery last year).  The two had to be separated.  Check out what happened — this isn’t over by a long shot.

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(PHOTOS) NFL Arrest Update: Ray Rice & Fiancee Allegedly Hit Each Other; Info/Pics of Fiancee


Last night news broke that Ray Rice & his fiancee, Janay Palmer, were arrested after an altercation at an Atlantic City casino.  Rumors on Twitter were that Ray knocked his fiancee out, but according to police reports that’s not true (the reports weren’t super detailed though).   They’ve been together since 2008, have a daughter together (born 02/2012) & were scheduled to get married in June.
Check out the latest details on the arrest & photos of his fiancee after the jump

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(VIDEO) NBA: Things Got Heated! LeBron James Erupts on Mario Chalmers; Both React After

IFWT_LeBron Chalmers fight 3

What a game!!! The series between the Heat & Pacers is tied after the Heat got the 97-94 W. A lot of fans are still talking about LeBron going at & getting into a heated exchange with Mario Chalmers during a time out. Don’t worry though Heat fans — it’s all good!!! Check out what happened along with what each had to say about it on Twitter afterwards.

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NFL: Man Dies After Parking Lot Altercation During Broncos-Chiefs Game

IFWT_Chiefs Broncos 2

Sometimes I feel like I’m on repeat, SMH. What is wrong with some fans?!  Football is supposed to be a fun family event, so I’m not sure why people are getting hurt, fighting or dying.  A man was killed in Arrowhead Stadium parking lot during Broncos-Chiefs game.  Details after the jump…

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(Video/Photos) MLB: Lenny Dykstra & Mitch Williams Get Into Altercation During Mall Appearance


C’mon fellas!  How old are we?!  Am I really sharing a story about Lenny Dykstra & Mitch Williams getting into it at a mall?!?! Lol, SMH.  I guess there’s still some leftover hurt feelings?!  During an autograph signing at a Philadelphia mall, Mitch Williams confronted Lenny Dykstra…in front of fans.  Details after the jump…

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NBA: Lamar Odom Is Now Being Sued!!


This is not what Lamar needed, but he can only blame himself for this mess. Damn LO. He wasn’t prosecuted for this situation, but he is now being sued.
Find out why after the jump…

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NBA: Lamar Odom Will Not Be Prosecuted For Paparazzi Altercation, But He Will Have To…


Lamar Odom dodged a bullet with this one.  Since it was all caught on tape, I thought he was going to be in some trouble.  Remember last month when Lamar Odom lost it on the paparazzi?!  Well he will NOT be prosecuted for it, but he will have to take responsibility for what he did. Details after the jump…

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Sports: Hugh Douglas Fired From ESPN


Damn, I guess there was no fixing this fight.  Earlier this month we reported that Hugh Douglas and Michael Smith, two of the co-hosts for ESPN’s ’Numbers Never Lie’ got into a heated altercation. Well that has now lead to Hugh Douglas getting fired.  Report after the jump…

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