(Photos) WTF?! This Is What Amanda Bynes Looks Like Now? …She’s Barely Recognizable!

What’s going on with celebs these days?! Why are they trying to change their look so desperately?! Amanda Bynes tweeted a picture of herself, with her heavy make up, piercing and curly blonde wig. She looked great the way she was, it makes me wonder why she would want to do this to herself? I mean, she doesn’t necessarily look bad — but let’s just say, she doesn’t look too good. The retired actress is surprisingly 27 already, explained she wanted to lose weight not too long ago.. but she’s looking like an extremely different person now! None the less, we hope she loses the 20 pounds she wants to lose & keeps up that motivation. Check out the pics of her new look below, then a photo of Amanda back then. There’s definitely an obvious difference!

Supa Ugly! Amanda Bynes Tweets A Diss To Jay-Z…Then Deletes It!

Amanda Bynes is an interesting character. 2012 was a troubled year for the actress, with multiple arrests for driving-related issues, skipped court dates and some bizarre behavior in the streets. She’d kind of relaxed as of late, staying off headlines and from behind the wheel. Apparently she felt this was too quiet, though…as she randomly decided to go at Jay-Z on Twitter! She quickly deleted the tweet, but of course it was captured before it came down. Why Hov, though? I wonder if something happened behind the scenes? Hmm! Check out her tweet in the gallery.

(Photo) Amanda Bynes Gets A New Piercing WHERE?

Amanda Bynes had a pretty crazy year in 2012 with arrests, driving issues and more. Hopefully she’s calmed down by now as she hasn’t made any headlines in a few weeks, though she did do something interesting yesterday! The actress took to her Tumblr to reveal an interesting new facial piercing. Find out where she pierced in the gallery! Marisa Mendez

Amanda Bynes Enters Settlement In Hit-And-Run Case

Amanda Bynes has settled her misdemeanor hit and run case out of court with the other drivers. The actress who came to fame on the hit 90’s show All That, has had a few run ins with the law lately but she was able to settle this case and resolve some of her other legal issues at the same time. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

(Photo) Wow! Guess Who This Actress Is?!

This troubled actress resurfaced on Instagram after keeping a low profile after a few DUIs. She posted the same picture of herself three times with different captions reading “Bout to get my nails done,” “Love my turban,” and “What up doe.” The next picture she posted was of her crotch/legs with a caption of “losing weight is hard.” Maybe if she wasn’t such a lush, she’d lose weight. It seems like she’s still a little troubled, but hopefully this break from the spotlight did her some good. Find out who it is below. Julie A

Amanda Bynes Pleads NOT GUILTY To Suspended License Charge!

The spotlight has been on Amanda Bynes and her not-so-Nickelodeon antics lately. In the past few months Amanda managed to get a DUI, two hit-and-run accidents, was seen smoking weed while driving, and also displayed some unusual behaviour. All of these incidents got her dropped by her publicist, agent and lawyer. A few weeks ago she went to court for her hit-and-runs and plead not guilty, and today she went to court for driving on a suspended license and she plead not guilty to that as well. We know that she recently moved to NYC to get away from it all, so hopefully today’s court decision and her new living arrangement will help her change her ways. Hit the jump for details on today’s hearing. Melissa Nash

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