Amanda Bynes Dropped By Publisher, Agent, & Entertainment Lawyer

Amanda Bynes seems to be spiraling out of control right in front of our eyes and now she seems to have no team behind her. The actress has been dropped by her management team, including her publisher, agent, and entertainment lawyer. Her former team all said that Amanda was their dream client and then became hard to work the past 12 months. Amanda has also cut off communication to her team after they attempted to get her the mental help she clearly needs. Hopefully someone can reach her and save her mentally before she goes more off the deep end, hurts herself, or hurts someone else by her antics. Read more below. Julie A.

Goodyear Offers Lindsay Lohan & Amanda Bynes Free Driving Lessons

The huge tire company, Goodyear, has found a way to deal with Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes’ driving problems. Free driving lessons! Goodyear has offered the two lessons for their recent driving woes. Click below to read more. Jason J.

Amanda Bynes Kicked Out Of Her Gym Class For Weird Behavior

As she continues to be WEIRD and go through some issues, Amanda Bynes adds another incident to her growing resume. She lucked out yesterday when the judge made a call on her current DUI cases, not ordering her to jail since they happened BEFORE her license was suspended. This doesn’t stop her craziness though, as apparently an incident in the gym last night had her kicked right out. Details below. Can we get this girl some help PLEASE! Marisa Mendez

The Craziness Continues: Amanda Bynes Locks Herself In A Dressing Room For 2 Hours

This is all rather strange to me, but I guess it makes sense. It’s just crazy how you don’t really hear too much about a person, and then all of a sudden it’s story after story as their downward spiral goes out of control. I guess when these celebs fall, they fall fast…and hard. We’re no stranger to former child star (who seemed to have made a flawless transition into a regular, adult acting career) Amanda Bynes’ current troubles: DUI‘s, hit and runs, driving on a suspended license while smoking weed, getting her car impounded…the list goes on. Reports even came out that people around her believe she has some serious mental health issues, as she’s been seen having full blown conversations with herself and with inanimate objects as of late. Today marked yet another wacky episode in the world of Amanda, this time (luckily) not involving a moving vehicle. Apparently, she was shopping at L.A. boutique Kin, and though she only brought a few items with her, stayed inside the fitting room for 1 hour and 45 minutes. But no…she didn’t steal anything! What is going on with this chick! Details of her day below. Marisa Mendez

MEOW! Lindsay Lohan Comes At Amanda Bynes NECK On Twitter Over Recent Troubles

Lindsay Lohan has had her FAIR share of troubles over the years. Stealing, car crashes, DUI’s…she’s done it all. And though it was very brief, she did have a stint in jail, as well as an accompanying probation. I still think she’s ape sh*t crazy, didn’t get even a quarter of the sentence she deserved and probably will never change…but at least she got something! Fellow childhood star Amanda Bynes is currently going through similar issues, and Linds wants to know why she isn’t getting the same treatment. To be honest, I do echo Lindsay’s sentiments. Amanda got her license suspended weeks ago for DUI, with two separate, unrelated hit-and-run cases pending for her too. Even after that became public information, the former Nickelodeon star still got behind the wheel of her car with no regard for the law, going so far as to even be smoking weed while doing so. Finally, her car was impounded yesterday but there still hasn’t been any talk of jail time…though is may seem she needs some mental illness therapy instead. Lindsay took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the situation. Read below. Marisa Mendez

Does Amanda Bynes Have A Mental Condition?

Amanda Bynes has been on a public down spiral for a while now, she was arrested for a DUI back in April, was charged in two hit-and-runs,  and then spotted driving while smoking out of a weed pipe. Now people that deal with Amanda on a daily basis are saying something might be wrong with her mentally. According to people at her gym, Amanda has been seen having full convos with herself and having crazy, laughing fits. Amanda’s neighbors have also said that the actress has been known to have long conversations with innate objects. Someone should step in and save this girl before she pulls a Britney or kills herself via car crash or drunk overdose. Read more below. Julie A.

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