(Video) Amanda Bynes In Another Car Accident!!

Clearly whatever she was spotted smoking has really got to her head! Even after the judge ordered her NOT to drive she continues to do so and on top of that get into yet another accident! Yes you heard right! What is it going to take for Bynes to stop breaking the law? Read below for full details. Eloisa Melo

SMH: While On A Suspended License, Amanda Bynes Continues To Drive Through L.A., Smoking A Weed Pipe

This girl is out of control! It’s sadly beginning to be glaringly obvious that Amanda Bynes is another child star that has spiraled down the wrong path. The actress has already been officially charged with not one but TWO hit-and-runs for separate incidents, and had her license suspended for multiple DUI’s. Now she continues to test the waters, as she carelessly drives around her L.A. neighborhood…smoking a marijuana pipe at that (disguised as a car lighter, clever)…with no regard for the fact she is a public figure that can be easily photographed and thus, get into more trouble with the law. YOLO? Let’s not overlook the fact too that her car (seen below) is a filthy pigsty! Please get it together, Amanda. Marisa Mendez

Amanda Bynes’ Victim Speaks!

Amanda Bynes victim finally speaks! Kisa reveals “Someone could have died if [Amanda] kept driving. A normal person would not get away with hit and runs and she shouldn’t either. I’m glad she’s off the road. She absolutely needs to pay for her actions and taking away her license is a good first step. I feel she needs to get some sort of help and maybe this will be the catalyst.” For fully details read below. Eloisa Melo

Amanda Bynes Officially Charged With 2 Hit-And-Runs

Is actress Amanda Bynes following in Lindsay Lohan’s troubled steps? I’d hate to see her go down that path, especially having been such a big fan of hers when I was younger! Amanda has been charged with not one but TWO counts of hit-and-runs, after she fled two different scenes of accidents she caused. What is wrong with these celebrities?! She faces up to a year in jail but as we’ve all seen with most of these girls, she’ll likely get off with a slap on the wrist and some community service. She’s due in court September 27th. Marisa Mendez

Amanda Bynes Charged With DUI

Amanda Bynes has officially been charged with a DUI after her arrest back in April when she sideswiped a cop car and allegedly attempted to flee the scene. Details below. Marisa Mendez

Amanda Bynes Involved In Another Hit And Run!!

Amanda Bynes was involved in yet another hit and run last night making it her third one this month. Her first hit and run occurred while she was driving under the influence and the other when she slammed into a cop car. Amanda escaped trouble this time because the victim was only able to catch the side profile of the woman and although she picked Amanda out of a line-up, Amanda was let go. Maybe she’ll smarten up and soon before she goes down the Lindsay Lohan road in life. Read more below. Julie1205

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