OMG! New Jersey Father Kidnaps His Children After Stabbing Mother To Death

This is just terrible. A New Jersey family became the attention of the Nation as the father kidnapped two of his children and is suspected to have stabbed his soon to be ex-wife to death in her apartment! Find out more after the jump

(Video) Amber Alert: 8-Year-Old Taken By A Family Friend Who Killed His Wife

Amber Alert issued for eight-year-old Relisha Rudd, in the Washngton, D.C. area. The young child’s abundance of absences from school was only the beginning. 30+ days piqued the interest of school officials, and when they tried to reach out to Relisha’s mother, Shamika Young, she told them that the little girl was sick. Officials at the school reached out to D.C. Child and Family Service Agency on March 13, and it still took law enforcement six days to get the search underway. “I’m not going to get into a lot of details, but I certainly did read a chronology where [the school system] was told the child was sick. . . . It appears to me the agencies involved made responsible actions,” says D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray. Young, along with Relisha and three of her siblings were staying in a homeless shelter at the time of her kidnapping. Young made friends with the janitor, Kahlil Malik Tatum who happens to be the man that took the little girl. Tatum has killed his wife (details have yet to emerge), and now has the little girl. From invetigative details, Tatum is known to be extremely friendly with children by giving them gifts and watching them for parents – even though it was against the rules of the shelter. A massive amount of time has passed since officials noticed the girl missing, but FBI has released a video of Relisha and Tatum in a hotel since then. There also is a reward for any information leading to the eight-year-old’s…

(Video) Amber Alert Ends In Tragedy!!

A 6 year old boy and his alleged kidnapper were found dead in a murder-suicide in Missouri. Officers found the bodies of little Markell X. Beasley and 40-year-old Demetrius Beasley, with several gunshot wounds, in a Cape Girardeau home. Markell’s mother, Michelle Gelling, allowed her son to travel with relatives of Beasley for a Christmas gathering. Although he was not the biological father, Beasely had raised Markell. An Amber Alert was issued after the 40 year old man told Gelling, that he would not return her son and “God would see Markell before she would.” To see news footage of the story, click below.

Four Of Nine New Mexico Teens Missing From Ranch Found???

After missing reports were filed for 9 New Mexico teens missing from a ranch for troubled youth, four have been found and are now safely home, hit the jump for more detail!

Amber Alert Issued For 2 Children In California!?!

The California Highway Patrol has issued an Amber Alert in 39 Counties for two California children they believe to be in danger! Hit the jump for more detail and pictures!

Amber Alert Issued After Double Homicide In RI?!?

An Amber Alert has been issued for a toddler after a double homicide in Rhode Island, Hit the jump for more detail!

(Video) SMH! Sex Offender Charged With Murder Of An 8 Year Old Girl He Lured With WHAT?!

Now ain’t this some mess…A registered sex offender recently released from jail was charged Saturday with murder and the death of an 8-year-old Florida girl abducted while shopping with her mother. Donald James Smith of Jacksonville was taken into custody after police cornered his white van on Interstate 95. SMH Read more after the jump……..

(Video) Guy Who Found 5 Year Old Girl Will Get The $10,000 Reward Put Up By The City

His name is Nelson Mandela Myers and he said, “I’m just glad I was there at the right time.” Myers said the cries of the kidnapped 5 year old sounded like a cat’s cry. He went to investigate and that’s when he found Nailla Robinson, shivering and cold. Myers proceeded to take his jacket off and give it to the Nailla. “I just wished that somebody would do that for my child if my child was in that situation,” Myers said. We need more like you. Not many would have walked toward the yells. Now, he’s being rewarded $10,000 for his bravery. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

Amber Alert Update: 5 Year Old Nailla Robinson Has Been Found

Yesterday an amber alert went out for 5-year old Nailla Robinson after being taken from Bryant School in west Philadelphia by a woman who identified herself as “Tiffany”. Early this morning, around 4:30 am some men on their way to work heard cries, and when they went to check it out, in the rain Nailla was found crying and cold under a jungle gym inside of a park. Upper Darby police Superintendent Michael Chitwood, says that the little girl has been taken to the hospital and is fine. I hope they catch this “Tiffany” chick. People are out of their minds these days. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

FBI Searching For 12-Year-Old Girl Missing From NJ!

The FBI is frantically looking for a 12 year-old girl who went missing from her Dad’s Clayton, NJ home on Saturday. She went out for a bike ride and never came home… If you have ANY information regarding Autumn Pasquale, please report it immediately to the police. Click below for more photos and details. Melissa Nash

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