(Fellas Check The Pic!) DAMN, Amber Rose Came Back To IG With A BANG!

Late last month, Amber Rose made a video announcement, saying that she’d be taking a break from social media for the remainder of the year. A woman like Amber gets her coins from certain posts, however, so she explained that her assistant Joseph would still be posting promotional things to her account in her absence.

(Video) Amber Rose Is Taking A Break From Social Media

We are just a little over a month away from the new year, but Amber Rose wants to end the year now…at least, the social media aspect of it. Taking to Snapchat (with the lovely flower crown filter, of course,) Amber announced that she will be leaving social media for the remainder of 2016. She won’t be gone totally, however, as her assistant Joseph will handle any postings needed for business and things of that nature. One month may seem short, but for a celebrity – particularly one who’s very active on social media – it’s actually quite a commitment. This is healthy and a great way to refresh, however, and will be a nice start to the new year for the model/mommy/entrepreneur. Do you think Amber will stick to it?

(Video) Amber Rose Paints Bash’s Nails; Says “F society standards & gender roles.”

Amber Rose is causing some waves today, after she shared a video of her adorable son with Wiz Khalifa, getting pumpkins painted on his nails. Bash is obsessed with all things Halloween (skeletons, spiders, pumpkins, etc.), so as Amber noted, “Halloween is never over at our house.” It’s not the out-of-season decor that some people are taking issue with, however. As you know, getting your nails painted is a “girl” thing by society’s standards, but the open-minded Amber thinks her child should express himself in whatever way he sees fit. “We encourage our children to paint, draw and be creative so why block them from their creativity when it comes to self expression?” Amber said. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts!

(Video) Amber Rose Breaks Down On Dancing With The Stars

Looks like the pressure is on for Amber Rose. In a recent video, we see Rose getting extremely frustrated during rehearsals. So frustrated she even broke down and teared up.

Amber Rose Just Scored An $8 Million Deal

Amber Rose just added yet another power move to her resume. In addition to her own book, her own VH1 talk show, her own podcast and a spot on Dancing With The Stars, Amber will now be banking a cool $8 million to tour the country and talk about…herself. LIT!

(Video) Blac Chyna Supports Her Friend Amber Rose On Dancing With The Stars

What a supportive friend Blac Chyna is to Amber Rose. Chyna and soon to be hubby Rob Kardashian recent debuted their show ‘Rob and Chyna.’ They even announced that they will soon be moving their family out of California. With all of that going on Chyna still made it her business to come support Amber.

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