(Photo) Amber Rose Says There Is No Feud Going On Between She And Kim Kardashian

Apparently there was a fake story going around about Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian feuding. Amber took to Twitter to shut the rumors down saying she and Kim are not fighting and won’t be because they’re cool.

(Photo) Wiz Khalifa Rolls Up To The Scene In A Rolls Royce

Last night on the House of Blues Sunset Strip, Wiz rolled up to the scene with his Rolls Royce, one of the cars he got in the settlement with Amber Rose.

Amber Rose Speaks On Night Out With Wiz Khalifa

On Monday night, Amber Rose and ex-husband Wiz Khalifa were spotted together in the strip club, and videos that surfaced from their night out showed the former couple being quite flirty! However, the next day, a report came out that they’d just finalized their divorce, leading many to believe that instead of getting back together, they were merely celebrating their official split…in a very, very amicable way. Turns out, it’s neither!

Oh, So THIS Is Why Amber & Wiz Were Partying – They Finalized Their Divorce Settlement!

Earlier, we showed you footage of Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa being pretty cozy at the strip club, leading us to get our hopes up once again that these two might finally get back together. However, it seems like they were celebrating the exact opposite of that – finalizing their divorce settlement! Because of the pre-nup that Wiz had in place, Amber will walk away from the marriage with $1 million. Wiz has already paid $356k of that, so the balance is $644k. Amber will also get $14,800 a month in child support for Bash, while Wiz gets to keep his house in PA and 10 cars, including a ’69 Chevelle, a ’68 Camaro, a ’62 and a ’64 Impala and a Porsche.

(Video) Amber Rose Gets Cozy In The Strip Club With Wiz, Following Her Split From Terrence Ross

Yesterday afternoon, news hit that Amber Rose had split from her boyfriend of four months, Toronto Raptors star Terrence Ross. The pair had hit it off when they met during All-Star Weekend this year and a romance quickly ensued, but it appears to be over just as quickly as it started, with rumors of Terrence’s young son’s mother being a driving force. Fans were anticipating a reconciliation with her ex-husband and son’s father, Wiz Khalifa, as they’d been spending a lot of quality time together earlier this year, but all hopes were squashed when Amber made it official with Terrence. However…all hope may not be lost! Last night, the former lovebirds were spotted looking quite cozy at the Ace of Diamonds strip club in L.A…and we are here for it! Check out the videos below. The couple that tips together, sticks together?

(Photos) NBA: Welp, Did Amber Rose & Terrence Ross Break Up Already?!

Damn it was all good just a week ago, no literally a week ago Amber Rose and Raptors guard Terrence Ross were all over each other at Gold Room in Atlanta and now it appears their short-lived “relationship” is over.  They made their coupledom public in March after hanging out during All-Star weekend in Toronto in February.  Ross posted a message on his Instagram account about letting people go who only see your old mistakes and Rose posted a picture on her account with a big smile and the caption “When you think about all the ‘hoe sh-t’ you’ve done.”  Both had numerous pictures together on their pages and they’ve both erased each other completely.  You know that’s the new age sign of a breakup, when couples delete all their pictures together…

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