(Photo) Marijuana Catapult Discovered On The U.S.-Mexican Border

Once again Mexicans have found a way to smuggle drugs into the United States. U.S. border patrol agents have now found a makeshift catapult mounted on to a fence near Tuscon, Arizona. It is used for carrying huge amounts of marijuana from Mexico.

(Video) Tank Tells America Not To Complain Because This Is What They Asked For

With everything that has been going on with Donald Trump and the Immigrant laws, a lot of people are voicing their opinions. The latest to do so is singer Tank. In a recent video, Tank says America should not be complaining because they are getting what they asked for.

(Video) Will Smith Speaks On Donald Trump As An Embarrassment To America

Will Smith gives his two cents on what he thinks about Donald Trump and like many hip-hop stars, thinks he’s an embarrassment to the country and is looking forward to “cleansing” him out.

(Video) Take A Journey Into The Mind Of Racist America And The Inequality In Contemporary America

Racism still exists and if you think otherwise then you are in fact a racist. Racism is nothing new though. It has been in America since America’s beginning. Take a journey in the mind of someone from white America and get a first hand look on how some of them think and feel about racism and inequality in America.

President Obama Announces New Rules To Help Close Gender Pay Gap

President Obama is trying to fix a lot of issues in the USA during his last year as commander in chief. One of the issues he promised to fix while running for office was the gender pay gap. Today Obama announces new rules to help fix this serious issue in America. Hit the jump for more.

America Is Becoming Less Religious Because Of The New Generation

A new survey has shown that Americans born in the last two decades of the 20th century is shifting the US towards becoming a less religious nation. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Two Women Say Donald Trump Gives Hope To Blacks In America

Whether you agree with the ladies or not, you ought to listen to their message for blacks in America to follow Donald Trump. Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson of the team “The Viewers View,” are now making a direct appeal to African-American voters on behalf of Donald Trump. These two gained You Tube popularity by making harsh criticism of Megyn Kelly’s performance during the Fox News presidential debate.

(Video) White America Now Feeling Excessive Police Force

Cities like Baltimore and Ferguson received a lot of backlash from right wing news stations and middle America after the tragedies that occurred in those places and the aftermath that followed. For years, it is not a secret that many of those people often tell African Americans that we too often cause our own demise at the hands of the police; however, a new video has surfaced that is definitely countering that argument.

(Video) LMAO! Ariana Grande Kissing Butt To Make Up For America Comments

Ariana Grande is working her way back into the hearts of concertgoers. The 22-year-old was caught on camera licking donuts and expressing her hatred for America. “What … is that? I hate Americans. I hate America,” she said. The once teen idol was forced to apologize for her antics; not once; but twice. With her first show since the risky business, she makes an attempt to apologize for a third time, or shall I say kissing a**, licking boots, brown-nosing, etc. Check it out after the jump.

(Video) Man Waves Around The Confederate Flag In The Wrong Neighborhood And Gets Stomped Out By Residents

Man Waves Around The Confederate Flag In The Wrong Neighborhood And Gets Stomped Out By Residents and it’s caught on tape! Hop into the post for the video! #IFWT!

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