American Airlines Has Grounded ALL Flights!!!!

American Airlines has grounded all of its flights across the US until 5 pm ET over because of an outage of its main reservations system. This leaves thousands of passengers across the U.S. stranded at airports. The airline asked the FAA to ground all of its flights until 5pm, giving them enough time to fix the issue.

Hmm! Kanye And Kim Pulled Off Plane For Security Issues At JFK Airport!?

Oh the drama! Yesterday Kim and Kanye had some major security problems at the JFK airport, so much so that they were pulled off their flight! The couple flew back from Brazil to JFK to take a connecting flight to L.A when the situation occurred. Click below to find out what exactly happened.

FAA May Allow Electronics During Take Off & Landing

Well its been 20 years now that we still can’t prove if electronics effect the take off and landing of a flight. What has been a cautious topic, can now be suppressed with a ton of tests and data that prove otherwise. The chairman of the FCC has reached out to the head of the FAA regarding the issue. Definitely agree with how he feels, what you think? Hit the jump… Tat Wza

That Was Close! Ashley Olsen Escapes Plane Fire!

After the tragic news of Jenni Rivera’s death in a plane crash yesterday, this comes as even better news than it already was. Ashley Olsen was on board an American Airlines flight this morning when a MAJOR mishap occurred but luckily, she and her fellow passengers all made it out unharmed. Details below. Marisa Mendez

Disabled Boy Not Allowed To Board Airplane

Robert Vanderhorst, his wife Joan, and their 16-year-old son Bede, who has down syndrome, were suppose to fly from Newark to Los Angeles Sunday. However, they were not let on the flight. The flight company, and flying pilot of, American Airlines, felt the boy was a “security risk” as he was seen agitated and running around the gate prior to take off. The crew felt he was a “security risk,” even after the family paid for the upgrade to first class to sit with Bede. Click below to read more. Jason J.

Caught on Tape: Flight Attendant’s ‘Bi-Polar’ Rant Caught On Passenger Cell Phone

A flight attendant engaged in a 15-minute tirade over the plane’s PA system, warning passengers the plane may crash; she claimed to be bi-polar and said she forgot to take her medication that day. Two other attendants were injured in an altercation that occurred when passengers attempted to tackle the attendant. Click below to see the video. posted by–>@WiLMajor

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