Tyra Banks Takes Nick Cannons Spot On America’s Got Talent

Tyra Banks will now been hosting America’s Got Talent after AGT decided to let go of Nick Cannon. They tried to hire a comedian but that did not go as planned. The top three candidates were Marlon Wayans, Brandon Mychal Smith and Tone Bell.

Damn, Check Out How Much Nick Cannon Was Making On AGT!

Nick Cannon announced his departure from America’s Got Talent earlier this week, following controversy over a joke he’d made about the show’s network, NBC, being racist. In his statement, Nick alleged that he was leaving before he was inevitably fired, something he said the network had plans to do. However, NBC “sources” responded saying they were blindsided by the announcement, and had no plans in ending their 8-year relationship with him. They added that there will likely be some legal ramifications if he walks away.

NBC Responds To Nick Cannon Quitting AGT

Earlier this week, Nick Cannon announced that he’d be quitting America’s Got Talent after eight seasons. The reason behind his departure, according to Nick, was that NBC had threatened to let him go anyway because he’d made a racial joke about the network, and he wanted to beat them to the punch. They’re calling BS, however.

Nick Cannon Quits ‘America’s Got Talent’

Nick Cannon has decided to leave NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Last week, the actor/host found himself in hot water after making an off-script joke about NBC during his stand-up special – while his contract clearly states that he can’t speak about NBC without running it by them first. While promoting the show on Howard Stern, Nick made it worse with a second joke, when asked about the original one:

“If they fire me… then I can sue them then I can create a whole controversy, NBC hates black people.”

Welp, though he didn’t get fired, he has decided to step down anyway after 8 seasons. Check out his statement below. Will you miss him?

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I can only imagine how this man felt. During an ‘America’s Got Talent’ act, Amber and Ryan were suppose to shoot an flaming arrow on a target that happened to be in a plunger lodged in Ryan’s throat. Unfortunately, things did not go that way.

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Now-a-days, even the nerdy dudes got some swag to them! A boy band who goes by the name Triple Threat appeared on America’s Got Talent where they performed “Classic” by MTKO. Much to our surprise, these three dudes who have been friends since high school got on stage and RIPPED IT on national TV. Watch their must-see performance below to see these guys chasing their aspirations of becoming famous artists!

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