(Photos) NBA: Drake Hooks Up Raptors With Exclusive Drake x Air Jordan IIIs

IFWT_Drake raptors

Drake has definitely been doing his part as the Global Ambassador for the Toronto Raptors.  Aside from showing up at numerous games and having tons of giveaways, he’s also given the players themselves something special.

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(PHOTO) NBA: What Is That?! Amir Johnson Rocks A ‘Jersey Vest’


Amir Johnson is sidelined with an ankle injury, but he’s still making news on blogs after he rocked a custom “jersey vest” from MADE Clothing Co last night.  No one knows yet what the purpose of it is … so yea … there’s that.  Check it out…

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(Video) NBA: Breaking Ankles! Tim Duncan Sends Amir Johnson To The Floor!

IFWT_Duncan cross 1

Too old?!  Nahhhh. Tim Duncan has something for those calling him old.  Check out this nice move Duncan had on Amir Johnson…

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NBA: Amir Johnson Says He Asked to Be Demoted From Starter to the Bench


Recently Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey made a switch at power forward by demoting starter Amir Johnson to the bench in favor of Tyler Hansbrough. Johnson says he actually asked for the change in his role on the team.

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NBA: Amir Johnson Buys Every Copy Of Drake’s New Album From Two Stores; Check Out What He Did With Them!

IFWT_Amir Drake  3

Drake has taken over the world this week. Lol.  The hype of his new album, “Nothing Was the Same” has fans going crazy and it looks like baller Amir Johnson is one of them.  He showed his support for Drake by doing something a little different.
Check it out…

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Amir Johnson Spotted Leaving A Certain “Shop” & Fans Are Jumping To Conclusions

IFWT_Amir Johnson 3

Calm down everyone. I know everyone just wants to jump to conclusions, but there could be a number of explanations for this.  NBA baller Amir Johnson was spotted leaving a smoke shop (some say weed shop) and had a nice bag full of goodies.  The woman he was with was carrying a box that looks like it has a hookah inside of it.
Maybe the products are a gift that he’s giving to someone?  Maybe it could just be a hookah and accessories and it belong to the woman he’s with?  It doesn’t mean that he got some weed and it doesn’t mean he’s participating in anything.  But yes, there’s a possibility that he’s smoking up.  I’m gonna let y’all jump to your own conclusions, but I’m not joining in on that fun.
Photos after the jump..

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(Video) NBA: Amir Johnson Shows Off His Photography Skills … In The Middle of a Game

IFWT_Amir camera  2

Amir Johnson is not only a basketball player, but apparently he’s a photographer too! Lol. A cameraman lost his camera during the game last night (after Carlos Boozer accidentally kicked it). Amir was there to pick it up, take some pictures and give it back to him. Nothing wrong with having some fun, right?!

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(Video) NBA: Amir Johnson & Toronto Raptors Do The Harlem Shake

IFWT_Raptors Harlem Shake 1

How long is this trend going to last?! Everyone & their mama is getting in on this and I am beyond done with it. Ok, maybe I’d like to see the Heat, Lakers and Knicks try it. Lol. Check out Amir Johnson and the Raptors getting in on the Harlem Shake…

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(Video) NBA: Did You Catch This? Amir Johnson Pulls Off Epic Double Dribble

IFWT_Amir double dribble

How in the world did Amir get away with this?!?! Toronto Raptors forward Amir Johnson got away with an incredible double dribble against the Portland Trail Blazers.  Gotta love his own reaction too!
Video after the jump…


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(Video) NBA: Amir Johnson Tossed After Altercation With Ref & Throws Mouthpiece at Him!

IFWT Amir ejected

Amir Johnson was ejected with 5:01 left in the third quarter as the Raptors took on the Trail Blazers.

He had words with referee David Jones while trying to take the ball from him following a Portland free throw. After Johnson was ejected, he threw his mouthpiece at Jones, and fellow players had to restrain him before he was escorted from the floor.

Johnson did have an explanation as to what happened, but it won’t matter – a fine or suspension is def. coming.  Check out what he had to say and the video after the jump…


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