(Live Video) Google Shows Off What’s New With Android At #io15

Just like Apple’s WWDC, Google likes to keep people up to date with what’s happening in their network of products, like updates to Android, Adwords, Youtube and more, hit the jump to find out how it’s going down!

(Video) NBA: Someone Stop Him! Charles Barkley Uses Racial Stereotype To Explain Why Analytics Isn’t Real

I’m starting to believe people are setting Charles Barkley up to keep talking about analytics just to hear him do it. It’s obvious Chuck doesn’t get it, and that is totally fine, everyone can have their own opinion on it, but when he talks about it he makes himself sound like a fool and I don’t think he realizes it. Watch what he uses as a comparison when Ernie Johnson asks him. You can even tell Shaq and Kenny are laughing more at him than with him. Can we please stop asking him what he thinks about analytics?

(Video) NBA: Charles Barkley Says Smart Guys Who Couldn’t Get Girls Made Up Analytics to Get in the Game

Charles Barkley is known for being outspoken and pissing a few people off and this time he got those in the basketball world who use analytics.  Reporters, general managers and some coaches all use analytics but Chuck thinks it’s a certain type of person who relies on that.

(Photos) New Twitter Feature Might Be The Most Important One Yet?!

Twitter ever updating and giving you the tools for important analytics that make you aware of your actual reach out there…ie Ellen’s recent record for most RT’s. Well this new feature that some user’s are already experiencing could be….well I said it, the most important yet!!

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