(Video) LOL: Republican Calls Trump A ‘Loud Mouthed D*ck’ On TV!

It seems like everyday Donald Trump is offending someone. It has to be pretty bad when a Republican can’t stand another Republican though, hit the jump to see this strategist completely diss Trump on CNN.

(Video) Anderson Cooper Gets Emotional Speaking On The Orlando Shooting

While speaking on the Orlando shooting, Anderson Cooper got really emotional. He started to name the victims who are now deceased when he started to get choked up.

(Video) Stevie Wonder Gets Emotional While Talking About Prince In An Interview With Anderson Cooper

Stevie Wonder was very emotional when he appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 just housrs after he found out about the death of his friend Prince. During Coopers interview with Wonder Cooper played a clip of a Prince interview from 1999 with Larry King of Prince praising Stevie Wonder.

“I use Stevie Wonder as an inspiration, whom I look up to a great deal just for the way that he crafted music and his connection to the spirit. And boy, back then I used him as a role model in trying to play all the instruments and be very self contained and keep my vision clear.”

Read the rest of this story after the jump.

NBA: Donald Sterling Opens Up About Racist Comments In Anderson Cooper Interview!! What Do You Think?!

Anderson Cooper recently spoke with Donald Sterling about those horrible racist comments — the interview airs Monday night at 8p on CNN, but some quotes from the interview have leaked.  These are the first public comments that Sterling has made since being banned from the league.  Check out what’s leaked so far, I’m sure the full interview will be “interesting”….

(Video) Kathy Griffin Handcuffs Herself To Anderson Cooper For NYE!

As Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper teamed up for the NYE CNN Special, Miss Griffin had a little surprise for Anderson Cooper, and she definitely showed him that this is Cuffing Season.. literally! Hit the jump to view the hilarious clip!

(Video) Nas Discusses Racism With CNN’s Anderson Cooper

Nas was a guest on Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN to discuss race and justice in America. Nas appears at 2:30 mark. You know Nas does not hold anything back when he speaks. Click below to find out what Nas had to say.

Trayvon Martin Jurors Release Official Statement Distancing Them From B37

In light of Juror B37 conducting an interview with Anderson Cooper to explain some of the rationale behind the “not guilty” verdict given to George Zimmerman, the other jurors have released a statement responding to that. While B37 makes some statements regarding how the entire jury felt, the jurors understandably decided to release a statement separating them from B37. Check out the statement after the jump.

(Video) BREAKING: Trayvon Juror B37 Gives First Interview To Anderson Cooper

In what might be one of the most important interviews ever given in an especially sensitive time, anonymous juror B37 gave her first interview to Anderson Cooper regarding the extensive trial. Here are some of the highlights of the interview: -She thinks George Zimmerman was telling the truth. -B37 didn’t think Rachel Jentel was a credible source because of her education. -She does not think race played a role in the altercation, and that was a general belief throughout the jury. The issue of race never came up. -B37 would feel comfortable having George Zimmerman as the neighborhood watch and would be more responsible than anyone right now. Watch the two part interview after the jump.

IFWT Wishes Anderson Cooper A Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Anderson! We wish you many more!

Matt Lauer Is Open To The Idea Of Anderson Cooper Replacing Him On “Today”

Matt Lauer isn’t going to be hosting the “Today” show forever, and network execs are already eying Anderson Cooper to fill his shoes. And like a good sport, Matt is actually open to the idea! He even planned to have a meeting with Anderson to sit down and discuss it, but it’s now “on hold” because of a negative article that appeared in a NY magazine a few days ago. Hmm! Would you want to see Anderson on the show?

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