(Photos) NFL: Andre Johnson Plays “Andre Claus” & Takes Kids on $16,000 Shopping Spree!

Andre Claus is his name.  Not only is Houston Texans star Andre Johnson an All-Pro wide receiver, but he also makes a pretty good Santa Claus.  Johnson made some kids have an extremely happy early Christmas.

NFL: Texans Andre Johnson Demands Trade, Four Teams Reportedly Interested

Andre Johnson has quietly been one of the best receivers in the NFL for a decade now and he is just tired of losing. Most players, especially in his position would of made a stink years ago about being stuck on a bad team and not getting a legit chance to win even though they are one of the best players in the league at the wide receiver spot. Not Johnson though, that’s not his style. He is humble, classy and polite, but eventually it wears on you no matter who you are. Reports are saying that Johnson wants the Texans to trade him before this season starts and he is already holding out. Most players get a bad rep for holding out, but Johnson is different. Hit the jump.

(Video) Wu-Tang Affiliate Who Chopped Off His Own Penis Was Not On Any Heavy Drugs, Says Friend

Another Wu-Tang affiliate, Supreme talks to TMZ about friend Christ Bearer and his failed suicide attempt. Supreme states, although his made a drastic move by trying to take his own life, drugs was not the motive. The average cigarettes, alcohol and a little bit of, “trees, herb,” should not have forced him into such a drastic move. Supreme says that he visited his friend in the hospital and all anyone can do is, “let the brother heal.” Drop down for more.

OUCH: Looks Like Wu-Tang Affiliate Christ Bearer’s Penis Is A Goner Forever After Failed Suicide Attempt

Yesterday, news broke that Wu-Tang affiliated rapper Christ Bearer aka Andre Johnson from the rap group Northstar cut off his own penis in a failed suicide attempt. Johnson was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with attempts of getting his manhood sewn back on but unfortunately, the doctors were unsuccessful. Northstar was formed by Wu-Tang head honcho RZA but they have not done any work together in years, according to sources. People close to Johnson believe he may be suffering from mental issues after confirming no drug use to their knowledge to cause the emcee to do something so irrational.

(PHOTOS) Sports: If LeBron Played QB, Here’s The Two Wide Receivers He’d Want On His Team

LeBron may be a huge basketball star, but he’s always had a passion for football too.  He took to Instagram just a short bit ago and named 2 wide receivers he’d want on his team.  That’s 2 great choices Bron — Check it out…

(Video) NFL: Giving Back! Andre Johnson Spends Over $17K on Christmas Toys For Kids

I love love love this.  I can’t even explain how happy it makes me to see athletes giving back.  This is so great of Texans WR Andre Johnson. Andre Johnson hosted his 7th annual toy giveaway this morning where children selected from Child Protective Services had 80 seconds to fill their shopping carts with as many items as possible, compliments of the Andre Johnson Foundation.

(Video) Sports: Current Player Helping Chad Johnson Get Back In The NFL?!

The reason Chad Johnson is out of an NFL job is because of his actions off the field, not on. Chad Johnson has been looking and is still looking for a team to give him a second chance to prove himself. Could a longtime friend be the answer?! I’d love to see Chad on the field this season! Report & video after the jump…

(PHOTO) NFL: Andre Johnson Drops How Much On Toys For Children?!

Gotta love this!!  It’s so great when athletes give back to the community!  Houston’s Andre Johnson gave 12 young victims of abuse 80 seconds to grab all the toys they can & boy did they go all out! Lol.  He’s shown in a picture with a super long receipt totaling $19,521, paid for by Johnson and the Andre Johnson Charitable Foundation. GameTimeGirl

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