NFL: Jim Irsay: Cutting Peyton Manning “was the right thing to do for the Colts”

It was a tough decision but Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay cut the mighty Peyton Manning and drafted quarterback Andrew Luck.  Now he’s got the opportunity to do a bit of “I told ya so” after the Colts beat the Denver Broncos on Sunday, 24-13.  Manning had a pretty bad showing and many people think he’s heading towards retirement.  Now Irsay looks back on that fateful decision.

NFL: Bill Belichick Says Aaron Rodgers is Like Peyton Manning & Andrew Luck Combined

Today is the big showdown between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers as the New England Patriots play the Green Bay Packers in a Sunday afternoon showdown.  The two quarterbacks are considered two of the greatest in the league and the game is expected to be a shootout.  Patriots coach Bill Belichick was unwillingly to compare the two QB’s but he did make an a pretty interesting comparison between Rodgers and two other quarterbacks.

(PHOTO) Sports: Again?! Goodness!!! Floyd Mayweather Wins HUGE By Betting on Andrew Luck

Yep, Floyd Mayweather is back to showing off how much money he’s winning by betting on games — and he recently won BIG!!  He took to Twitter/Instagram tonight to show off a betting slip (from 2 weeks ago) & he won over a million dollars!  Yea, cause that’s just what the champ needs — pocket change. Lol. Check it out…

NFL: Colts’ GM Compares Andrew Luck to Michael Jordan

Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson and coach Chuck Pagano don’t just think they got themselves a good player when they chose Andrew Luck with the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft. They think they got an all-time great player.

(Photo) NFL: Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck Naked Locker Room Photobomb

The Indianapolis Colts played the Kansas City Chiefs for the first Wild Card game of the playoffs and boy was it a great one.  The Colts had a miraculous comeback to win the game 45-44 led by their star quarterback Andrew Luck.  Following the game Colts punter Pat McAfee tweeted a photo trying to show Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri being interviewed but he unintentionally included a naked Luck in the background.

NFL Jokes: LMAO! Peyton Manning’s Texts Leak After Loss to Colts!

Oh how I love leaked texts and emails.  These are madd funny (they are not Peyton’s real texts  — so sad that I have to make that clear every time we do one of these posts). Check out Peyton’s inbox of texts after the Broncos lost to the Colts last night…

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