Motorola Xoom WiFi Only Out Before 3G Version!!!!

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which we are still waiting for WiFi-Only Tablet, Motorola Plans on coming out with the WiFi Only Version of the “Xoom” a little before the 3G Version(In April), Pretty smart if you ask me, because people will get the version they want either way, and if you waited for the Galaxy this ling, you might as well wait a little longer! @TatWza

Top 5 Motorola Products Out In 2011???

#5 The Cliq, This is the Weakest(it is on tmobile) and probably will go away in a sec, but the keyboard is a stand out product on it’s own, and possibly here to stay….See the other products in the Details. @TatWza

(Fella’s Check The Pic) Is 2011 The Year Of Android????

Android seems to be getting Sexier by the minute! Check the Stats in the Details. @TatWza

WiFi Only Galaxy Tablet Coming Q1 2011

Samsung 3G-free (and contract-free) version of its Galaxy Tab , are committed to a first quarter launch in the States, the units will have 16GB of internal storage along with a microSD slot capable of another 32GB. WiFi No Bill, But Not as mobile, well your not supposed to text  or anything while driving anyway so thats cool! @TatWza

Android Tablet From Qualcomm!!!!

See Video in Details to find out!! @TatWza

Samsung InFuse 4G With AT&T!!!!

The Samsung InFuse 4G has a Screen size at 4.5 inches with “Super AMOLED Plus” which features a 50 percent boost in sub-pixel count(Better Pic then before). It has an 8 megapixel camera on back paired with a 1.3 megapixel shooter up front, a 1.2GHz single-core Hummingbird processor, Android 2.2 and is Dumb Thin, if it stays that way, that’s clean, see the details, for what’s wrong here…. @TatWza [Update] AT&T Dropping 20 New Android based “4G” Smartphones

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