(Video) Pilot For New Anime, Urbance, a World Where Having Sex Kills You!!

Urbance is a new animated series that tells the story of a universe where gender is split in an all out war and having sex will kill you!

(Photos) John Singleton’s Son Sets Up GoFundMe To Raise At Least 6k To Pay For Tuition Since His Dad Cut Him Off

John Singleton’s son Maasai Singleton has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to pay for his final semester of college at the University of Southern California after his dad told him he wouldn’t be paying for it. Since the college school year is right in the middle, it is too late for him to receive financial aid and he says he has no credit to take out loans. With just a few weeks until his semester is to begin the young director (just like his dad) decided to post an update to ask for more donations. Maasai Singleton has to raise at least $6k to remain enrolled. Listen to his story after the jump!

(18+*Video) New Japanese Video Game Might Be TOO Adult

I do love Japanese Anime, and they def merged anime into the graphics here, but they also merged the provocativeness of it too!

(Photos) Wale Gets Attacked On Twitter For WHAT?!

WHOA! Talk about over-kill! Wale asked a simple question, “What’s the best anime series,” and that put him on the chopping block. If you’re like me, you didn’t even know what ‘anime’ was – Japanese cartoon – however, seems like a pretty amount of the, “Simple Man” rappers’ followers did. Wale was told to stay in his lane among other things. Can he live?! He cleared the air for any of you curious folk that think he’s on his way to animation – it would be cool though. Hit the jump and check it out.

Tech Talk App: Magna Camera’s Anime Pics Are Perfect For Instagram!!!

Ok I normally don’t post since I have been incredibly Busy, Normally I pass it to the Homie YJB, But I ran across an App this Week, and since I got so many people asking me about it, texting, emailing, iMessaging, etc, So I figure…Y’all want this out here!! Hit the Jump on the Deet’s!! Wza

(Photos)Teenage Girl Looks Like A Japanese Anime Character

A teenage girl unbelievably looks like a fake cartoon character.  Her features are so identical to a Japanese Anime character that she looks fake.  Her unreal features have given her the chance to model the Japanese characters and earned her thousands of fans and followers.The 19-year-old from Ukraine has even given herself the Japanese nickname of Fukkacumi.  Hit the jump . Steph B

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