(Video) Big Boy Breaks His Ankle Trying To Ride A Skateboard

Okay, this video truly made me cringe. First of all, if you know you do not know how to ride a skateboard, you just should not even attempt. In this video, we see a slightly larger (lol) male trying to ride a skateboard. It did not quite work out on his favor as he fell off the board literally breaking is ankle.

(Photo) Down Goes Beiber: Justin Beiber Sprains His Ankle Hours Before Show

Justin Beiber has to go extremely light tonight during his concert. Today while playing basketball, the Beibz took a nasty fall which resulted in a twisted ankle.

(Video) NBA: Kyle Korver Out For The Rest Of The Year

Things just keep getting worse for the Eastern Conference’s best regular season team, The Atlanta Hawks. They have lost two games in a row on their home floor and are now heading to Cleveland without a key shooter in Kyle Korver. Click more to check out the video!

(Video) OOPS, She Did It Again: Britney Spears Sprains Ankle Live On Stage During Performance

Oops, she did it again! Pop-star Britney Spears was performing on stage in Las Vegas when she twisted her ankle and sprained it in front of the entire crowd. Unfortunately, she was unable to finish her show and had to cancel two upcoming performances she has this Friday and Saturday. Ah, just in time for the fight. Niceeeeeee! Check out the footage of Britney injuring herself mid-performance below!

(Video) NBA: Fans Hold Breath As Kevin Durant Crumbles To The Floor After Record Breaking Half

Kevin Durant was on his way to a huge night, possibly the best of his career until one bad step just before half time almost ruined everything. KD drove to the basket just before the buzzer and stepped on the foot of a Warriors player and immediately collapsed to the ground. He injured the same ankle he had surgery on earlier this season. Thankfully for now it seems like it won’t be a big deal.

NFL: Eli Manning To Undergo Ankle Surgery Today

The Giants have announced that Eli Manning will undergo an arthroscopic procedure on his left ankle today & expects to be running in 6 weeks. Hit the jump for details…

NBA: Ouch, He’s Crazy!! Kobe Bryant Tried To Do WHAT After His Achilles Injury?!

I’ve never had any type of injury like this, but it looks painful as hell and this story from Kobe gave me the chills. It just shows you the type of mentality & toughness the Black Mamba has. When Kobe Bryant suffered a season ending torn Achilles injury last year, he did something that most people with that injury would never do. Check it out…

MLB:(Video) OMG!! Gruesome Injury Ends Pitcher’s Season

This happened a few days ago, but it was so gruesome I had to make sure you guys saw it. During a game Thursday night with the Mets and Atlanta Braves, pitches Tim Hudson tried to cover first base to complete the out. Because of where his foot was on the base, Mets player Eric Young Jr accidentally stepped right on the ankle of Hudson, literally snapping it in half. It is pretty painful to watch as you can actually see his foot snap right at the ankle area. He will miss the rest of the season, but should be able to come back healthy next year. Hit the jump.

(Video) NBA: Oh Man! Ice Cube Weighs In on Kobe Bryant Ankle Injury & Names Who He Wants To Ball With!

Ice Cube who is an avid Lakers fan didn’t hold back when he was asked about Kobe Bryant’s ankle injury. Was Dahntay Jones at fault? Was it a dirty play?! Check out what Cube had to say…

NBA:(Video) Here We Go! NBA Says Kobe Was Fouled By Dahntay Jones, SMH

Uh-Oh. Seems we might have some major d*ck riding going on here between the NBA and Kobe. I can’t even get mad at the black mamba though. It just shows how powerful of a figure he is in the league. By now I am sure you have all seen or heard about Kobe spraining his ankle when he missed a buzzer beater against the Hawks and landed on Dahntay Jones ankle. Kobe has been saying the play was dirty and a foul should of been called. You can see that story so you can catch up by clicking HERE. No foul was called during the game and the Lakers lost to Atlanta while Kobe laid on the court in pain. But now the NBA itself has spoken and they seem to side with Kobe, but they are dead wrong. Read more after the jump.

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