Scott Storch Files For Marriage Annulment 5 YEARS Later…Saying He Was Drunk

Most people will file for an an annulment from their marriage immediately afterward, as that’s how it works. Not Scott Storch, though…he waited a cool 5.5 years.

(Photo) Tasha Smith’s Husband Wants Files Motion To Appeal Their Annulment

So lets refresh our memory a little bit. Tasha Smith and Keith Douglas got married back in 2010. Smith then found out that the man she had been madly in love with was living a secret life. Douglas was still married to a previous “ex” and had many children that Smith knew nothing about.

WNBA: What?!?! Brittney Griner’s Ex-Wife Wants $20K Monthly in Spousal Support!

Brittney Griner’s relationship with Glory Johnson has been a real life soap opera.  The two got engaged, then both got arrested after a violent domestic dispute, then got married just a couple weeks after that incident.  Griner then filed for an annulment just a month into their marriage and one day after Johnson announced she was pregnant.  The drama isn’t over yet as Johnson wants Griner to pay up.

(Video) WNBA: Brittney Griner Breaks Down While Expressing Regret in Hitting & Marrying Glory Johnson

Brittany Griner married her girlfriend and fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson just weeks after their domestic violence spat that led to both of them getting arrested and Johnson with serious injuries.  A month into their marriage, Griner filed for an annulment and Johnson revealed that she was pregnant.  With the situation getting increasingly messy, Griner sat down for an interview with ESPN and revealed her regrets.

(Photos) NFL: Man Divorcing His Model Wife After Keyshawn Johnson Asked Her For P*ssy Pics & More!

Is anybody faithful anymore?  At this point it’s looking like you have to keep your girl away from anybody that plays or played in the NFL.  Latest on the list is former NFL great, Keyshawn Johnson.  He’s smack dab in the middle of a model’s break-up as her husband thinks she’s been cheating with Johnson.  He’s filed court papers and included the crazy messages the two reportedly sent to each other.

NBA: Only ONE Issue Holding Up Kris Humphries & Kim K’s Annulment

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for this mess to be over with!  I’m so done with hearing about it, but this ONE tiny issue doesn’t seem like it will get solved anytime soon.  I can’t see either one caving on this.  Check out what it is after the jump…

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