(Video) Boxing: Antoine Dodson Calls Out Justin Bieber & Says He Wants to Fight Him

Antoine Dodson wants to trade blows with Justin Bieber in a totally straight way (he’s “straight” now).  He’s challenging the singer to a boxing match in a brand new call out video.

(Photos) Antoine Dodson Says He’ll Do What If Son Turns Out Gay??!

It is apparent that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, so I’m not surprised these thoughts crossed Antoine Dodson’s mind: He said if his newborn son turns out to be gay he’d still love him … but he’d do his best to change him and make him straight. Interesting… check out what else he had to say!

Antoine Dodson Is A Father ?!

You remember a few years back that video that went viral with the man saying “hide ya kids and hide ya wives” ? Well it looks like Antoine Dodson has turned over a new leaf. Dodson, who had a quick stint with fame after the video went viral, is now a proud parent. Hit the jump for pics of the proud parents and baby!

(Video) Antoine Dodson Discusses Turning Straight, His Girlfriend & His Baby On The Way

As we still try to wrap our heads around the news that Antoine Dodson is now straight, has a girlfriend and is expecting their first child, the former internet sensation sits down for an interview to explain it a little more in depth. Find out about his child’s mother, how they found out they’re expecting, whether or not they’re married and more below.

Formerly Gay Antoine Dodson Announces He’s Expecting A Child With His Girlfriend

Fam…what? Hide your wife for real…because internet sensation Antoine Dodson has renounced his homosexuality, and now has a child on the way with his “Queen.” I have NOTHING but love for the LGTB community, and I think being open with your sexuality is a beautiful thing…and with that, I also want to add that I don’t think you should try to CHANGE yourself because you want a “family” as Antoine previously stated as his reason for turning straight (after becoming a member of the Hebrew Israelites earlier this year.) I don’t think your sexual preference is just something you can turn on and off, and I can foresee issues in the future. But hey, what do I know? “I just became the happiest man alive!! My beautiful Queen and I are having a baby!!” was Dodson’s tweet just a little while ago. Congrats to you and yours!

POLL: Who Was The More Hilarious Sensation? Sweet Brown, Antoine Dodson Or The Latest, Charles Ramsey?

Charles Ramsey has become an overnight sensation and an accidental hero, after leading 3 women to safety by helping them escape from the house they’ve been held captive in for over a decade. In his interview after the girls were saved, he made some comments that have become instant meme classics, like how he’d make ribs and listen to salsa music with his neighbor. LOL! Question is, though, is he MORE classic than Sweet Brown (Lord Jesus, it’s a fire!) or Antoine Dodson (hide ya kids, hide ya wife!) Watch all 3 videos below and take the poll!

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