(Photos) INSIDE LOOK: This Is What Kanye West Is Giving Up To Be With Kim Kardashian!

Damn! Giving this up …all to be with KIM!? Is that worth it? LOL. Jokes. But Kanye is giving up his apartment and he has sold it for a reported $4.5million! On Monday morning, moving vans were seen outside Kanye West’s New York City apartment. See the photos of his dope place (after moving out), below!

12-Year-Old Girl Survives Fall From 4-Story Building In Queens

12-year-old Kaylan Watson has miraculously survived a four-story fall from her Queens apartment building. “She looked like she was daydreaming because her eyes were open,” said witness and neighbor, Breanna Borano when she saw her on the ground. Though there aren’t many details on how the accident occurred, police have ruled out being pushed. She is currently listed in critical condition at Elmhurst Hospital.

Alicia Keys Unable To Sell This … ???

I guess she can’t instantly sell everything! Alicia Keys must be a little worried after she tried to sell her Manhattan home for $17.95 million and has now had to chop off $2 million from it.  I mean it doesn’t look like that much of a difference, but she has been trying to sell it for almost a year now.  I guess no one is trying to buy it for $15 mil and are waiting for it to possibly keep dropping in price. Hit the jump for pics of the home. Steph B

Whoa!! Madonna Selling Her Home For HOW MUCH!!

Whoa, this is absurd. Hit the jump to see how much Madonna’s selling her house for!! Melissa

(Photos)Nanny That Killed 2 Kids Suffered Emotionally & Financially

The NY nanny Yoselyn Ortega that stabbed to death 2 kids she took care of, had been suffering emotionally and financially.  Could it have been just that or mentally as well??  Yoselyn Ortega stabbed the Krim kids to death before trying to take her own life by stabbing herself in the throat and was then found by the mother of the two in their luxury NY apartment.  So far she is refusing to talk to authorities regarding the tragic incident and still hasn’t been charged for the murders.  Ortega’s family has spoken and said that they don’t understand how she did what she did , because she loved those children and that family.  Hit the jump for photos Steph B

(Photos) A Peek Inside Chris Brown’s Artistic VA Crib

Chris Brown hails from the state of V.A. and though he has (or had as he recently sold it) a spot in L.A., he makes sure he has somewhere to go when he returns home as well. He’s made no secret of his love for art and painting, and clearly his home represents that! Check out a couple pics of the pad below. Very cool! Marisa Mendez

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