Tech Talk News: Samsung Opens First North American Store That Looks Like An Apple Store!!!!

  As the patient wars between Apple and Samsung seem never ending, people are crying foul as Samsung opened its first North American store and will some say it looks like a copy of  Apple’ s Apple Store. What do you ??? Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Shopping: New Apple Store Opening In New York June 30!!

With the new retina display Macbooks and possible iPhone 5 dropping this year another Apple store wouldn’t hurt. Details about the new Apple store after the jump. ShottaDru X TatWza

Tech Talk Review: IFWT Puts Hands On The Retina Macbook Pro!!!!

O…k..k..k..I just figured since Love & Hip Hop ATL was running with Lil Scrappy, we could hear that…No, Ok Let’s move on. As you can See by the Pic above, the Apple Store is All about the NEW Retina Macbook Pro, So we went in to Chek it out!! Hit the Jump. Tat Wza

Tech Talk Crime: Apple Store Gets Robbed By It’s Own Guard…An Ex-Cop

An ex-cop was busted in an Apple store heist..and he made how much!? Click below to find out. Tat Wza

Tech Talk Event: Apple Makes Great Announcement In NYC!!!!

I say great because it has everything to do with Education, and we all know Apple is #1 at whatever they do, And adding them into Education makes me excited, cause that means My Son and your kids will have a better future!! Hit the Jump on the Details. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Event: Apple’s Grand Central Station Store Grand Opening Friday!!!

We told you it was coming, even showed someone sneak in to the unfinished space and tape it for a great before, But This Friday, it’s ready for the Public! Hit the Jump to find out what time. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Out & About: @FunkmasterFlex, @GameTimeGirl, & @TatWza Take A Trip To The Apple Store To Get An iPhone 4S!!!

Actually I didn’t get an iPhone, But I had To Make Sure Fliggity, And Brina B. were Taken Care Of Properly!!! So hit the Jump and check out our little Trip!!! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk News: iPhone 4 Pre-Order Does Big Numbers In 24 Hours!!!!

We knew this was gonna be a big sale, But Apple has Confirmed that they did a Millie in 24 hours, I’m sure it would have been bigger if it was the 5, but it is what it is, but hit the Jump to see what Apple has to say about it! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk News: Steve Jobs tribute at Apple Store Hong Kong

“There has been an outpouring of emotion ever since news broke that Steve Jobs passed away on Wednesday. One BGR reader sent us in some photos of the new Apple Store in the ifc mall in Hong Kong. The inside of the front wall of the store is covered in Post-its with notes remembering Steve Jobs, and it’s nothing short of amazing. “It’s like a huge piece of art,” Nick wrote to us in his email. Indeed it is. Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery, and you can even zoom in on the photos to read some of the notes” @TatWZA @Yungjohnnybravo

Tech Talk Rumor Is: Apple Will Do Pre-Orders For iPhone 5???

That is the word Apple Will have that new crack on the street around October 7th(give or take) but the unusual thing is this time Apple will set up Pre-Order’s for the Newest wonder Phone, which they did not do with the iPad 2, The Pre-Order may go down Sept 29th or 30th is what the Rumor is, but the best part of this post is the Picture after the Jump showing the Actual Production of the iPhone 5!!!! Check it out. Tat WZA WZA on Google+

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