(Video) NBA: Kobe Bryant & Michael B. Jordan Star in Hilarious Apple TV Ad ‘Father Time’

In a hilarious new ad for Apple TV, Michael B. Jordan is preparing to play Kobe Bryant in a movie.  Bryant thinks Jordan will be a young Kobe but Jordan points out that he’s playing Kobe throughout his life and jokes about the prosthetics he’ll have to use to look old.  It also shows how the new Apple TV Siri and apps make it easier than ever to find and enjoy whatever you’re looking for.

(Photos) Apple’s New iPhone SE, iPad Pro, Apple Watch Price Drop & More

Today we Watched Apple announce new devices, the iPhone SE, an iOS update with some new apps(and capabilities) and a new 9.7 iPad Pro!

Netflix Launches A New Streaming Option!!

Netflix announced a higher streaming option called Super HD. The new option was being tested by some subscribers for a months now but now allow all users to watch content in 1080p resolution.

Amazon Could Be In Your Living Room By The End Of The Year

As smartphones and tablets saturate the market, tech companies are realizing there’s still one screen that remains largely unconquered – the television. While Microsoft is in this space with Xbox, it’s far from dominant, and set-top boxes from Google and Apple are trying to work their way into the living room. Never one to be behind the curve, Amazon is trying to step their game up and get the ball rolling on their own game console/media center. More details follow after the jump.

Netflix Finally Adds Support For A Much Needed Feature

I think we all know how frustrating it is to log into your Netflix account and get terrible recommendations that in no way relate to what we’ve watched or what we’re interested in watching. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t share their Netflix, HBO Go and Amazon Prime account info to friends in need. Sometimes, people even trade, getting access to one service in exchange for a username and password for a service they already subscribe to. Netflix finally came up with a solution to this problem, though, and we all might see it this fall.


Apple’s TV is only limited to prerecorded content instead of live TV as of NOW but we all know the rumors of that changing in the near future. In addition to that rumor it has been speculated that Apple has been meeting with cable companies to pitch a service that would allow their viewers to skip commercials. Apple TV owners would have to buy into this service. Although Apple would not be the first provider of this feature they will definitely be raising the bar with the other features the set-up box is expected to offer such as its ability to add live channels via an app. Despite the fact that none of this is set and stone one thing we can be sure about is whatever Apple comes out with is sure to be a hit.

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