(Photos) Woman Taken To Hospital With Shark Still Latched On Her Arm!

Imagine enjoying the Florida sun and beach when all of a sudden a shark attacks your arm and won’t let go. A young woman was rushed to the hospital with a shark still latched onto her arm.

Woman Loses Arm To Gator Attack In Florida

A woman lost part of her arm after she was attacked by an alligator while swimming in a Florida river Saturday. Read further for more details.

(Photos + Video) A Man Tattooed Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair Cover Photo On His Arm!

A man got Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover photo tattooed on his arm. Check out the photos in the gallery of the tattoo as well as a video and read more on the story after the jump! 

(Video) Real Or Fake?! Did An Alien Arm Wash up On The Beach?!?

Now I have to be honest, I’m wondering if there is a bit of movie magic going on here?!? If not and this is real, it could be the find of the century, either Alien life on earth confirmed, or an earth sea Creatures!!

(Video) OUCH!! Girl Completely Dislocates Her Own Arm During Fight

This is a little nervous, while trying to throw her weight around in a school fight, she throws it a little too hard and lands on her own arm that seem to take her elbow off the hinges.

Tourist Loses Arm In Maui Shark Attack?!?

A German tourist was swimming about 50 yards off the coast of Maui when a shark attacked her; biting the right arm off the woman. Hit the jump for more info.

(*Graphic*Video*) Caught On Camera: Tiger Has Human Arm For Lunch

Thank God this footage isn’t of the actual attack….But mos def there was an attack, because the tiger shown is nibbling at will on a Man Arm(Or at least I think it’s a Man’s arm), Hit the Jump to get to the Horrific footage.

(Video) NBA: LMAO!! WTH?! Shane Battier Didn’t Play Last Night, But He Did Get To Dry Off LeBron’s Arm

Damn Shane Damn! LMAO!!! Fans are having a ball with this video! A little bad play and this is what Shane Battier has been reduced to?! SMH. It’s just so random. I had to laugh when I saw this though – Hey, at least he’s still contributing to the team. Lol. Check out the video after the jump…

(PHOTO) NFL: Damnnn! Christian Ponders Arm Is F’ed Up!

Christian Ponder was inactive against the Packers on Saturday (with a bruised arm – he said he lost flexibility in his arm & that’s why he sat out) and Joe Webb started.  As we know, the Packers bear the Vikings 24-10. A lot of fans wondered how bad could the bruise be?!  Well Shari Gross of the Star Tribune has a photo of the bruise in question.  It def. isn’t pretty. GameTimeGirl

(Video) Police Officer Caught Fracturing Girl’s Arm In School

A police officer at a school in Ohio attempted to restrain a young girl in school and fractured her arm! This horrible act of violence was caught on camera and released to the public.  The 13-year-old’s mom is angry and upset over what happened and I mean who wouldn’t be?  Even if she was being rebellious, this was  unnecessary. hit the jump Steph B 

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