(Video) Man Robs Woman At Gunpoint In North Lauderdale!

Thank God for smartphones. Luckily, for this woman, somebody caught this on camera. Check out the wild video after the jump.

(Video) Couple So Busy Making Out They Miss Out On Armed Robbery

There’s no way in hell that a love session is so bomb, that you miss out on the fact that you are a witness to a armed robbery. Two men robbed the Tap Inn bar and casino in Montana Monday. They demanded all the money that the bartender had. Meanwhile, a unidentified couple sat just a few feet away, kissing each other’s face off, totally unaware of what was going on.

UFC: Former UFC Fighter Mikey Burnett & His Son Were Shot During Armed Robbery

Sad news as a former UFC fighter and his son were both shot during an armed robbery in Oklahoma Monday night outside of the gym where they were working out.

(Video) Memphitz Wanted For Armed Robbery In Atlanta

Music producer and former reality star Memphitz is a wanted man after he robbed a car wash attended at gun point for his cell phone after accusing the man of stealing weed from his car. The entire incident was caught on surveillance video and police have issued a warrant for his arrest. Hit the jump for details.

SMH!! The State Of Missouri Forgot To Send A Man To Jail 13 Years Ago. THIS Is What He’s Doing Now!!!

13 years ago, Cornealious “Mike” Anderson was sentenced to 13 years in prison for armed robbery. Shortly after, he got bail and began appealing his sentence. Each appeal was unsuccessful, which meant that he was supposed to be arrested again and immediately sent to prison… but he wasn’t. A clerical error caused the state of Missouri to forget to bring him in. Hit the jump to see what he’s been up to since.

San Francisco Police Deny 2 Chainz Being Victim Of Armed Robbery

Early this morning, reports surfaced that 2 Chainz had been robbed at gun point in San Francisco, but the SFPD is denying that it was him. Instead, they say it was a member of his entourage. “He was not the victim of a robbery,” San Francisco police said. “He was there, but he wasn’t the victim.” They also said that all involved “are being very uncooperative,” and that the suspect has not yet been located.

Boys, 7 and 11, Atempted Armed Robbery

Two Portland boys ages 7, and 11 years old attempted to robb a 22 year old woman with a loaded .22 caliber handgun. The boys approached the woman demanding cash and her cellphone, the woman who was in an automobil at the time of the incident drove off and as she did saw the boy wielding a pistol. Police arrived on the scene, and the boys took off running but were apprehended. The boys were instructed to keep their hands out of their pockets but one of the boys was caught putting his hands back in his pockets were the officers found the .22 caliber handgun. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

Gunplay Turns Himself In For Armed Robbery & Assault Charges

Well this is a shocker. (I hope you can hear my sarcasm!) Gunplay has turned himself in to the Miami-Dade county Police Department, for a warrant he got back in May stemming from an unknown (to us) robbery and assault. No word if he’s actually turned himself in just yet or is on his way, but it’s definitely happening today! Hope he doesn’t end up like Max B! Marisa Mendez

Woman Pulls Gun On Man During Sex In Moving Car!

Amanda Jean Linscott, 26, was arrested today on an armed robbery charge after a week long investigation. Linscott put a .357 Taurus revolver to the victim’s head while having sex and the car still was moving. This caused the two to wrestle and the crash to occur. The victim was able to get Linscott out the car and drive to a friend’s house. Click below to see what happened. Jason J.

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