Man Caught Dealing Drugs Through His Daughter’s Stroller!!!

Stash boxes are suppose to be creative but Epifanio Santiago took it too far. He and three other men were caught dealing drugs and guns to undercover cops. During the arrest it was discovered that his stash was kept in his daughter’s stroller for the deals he conducted. Check out the full story on this low life’s stash box after the jump. @ShottaDru

Tech Talk News: Jail Time Because Of Facebook Posts???

Nothing cool about being in jail. Think it would be even worse if you told your cell mates that you are doing time because of a Facebook posts. Well that is definitely the wave in 2011, getting arrested for Facebook posts. Hit the jump and check out some Facebook posts which could end you up in the big house. Tat WZA WZA on Google+ X @ShottaDru

Drunk Man Caught Trying To Stuff Ribs In His Pants

“If at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again” (c) Aaliyah. I think Aaliyah is an artist of choice of Pennsylvania man Donald Noone because back in May he was arrested for attempted robbery of ribs and again he was caught in a Giant Supermarket trying to stuff ribs in his pants. Check out the full story of this hungry hungry hippo after the jump. @ShottaDru

(Video) DMX Post Jailhouse Freestyle

As we all know DMX was arrested again last week but it appears he hit the studio right after. Check out his freestyle after the jump. @ShottaDru

“Clown” Steals Golf Cart Charged with DWI After Joyride

37-year-old James Straub does not have the best fashion sense. He doesn’t make the wisest decisions while driving either. Apparantly after attending an outing at Terry Hills Golf Course he decided to take a golf cart for a spin. Check out the full story of the grand theft auto clown after the jump. @ShottaDru

LSU Players Suspended & Facing Felony Charges

LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson and teammate Joshua Johns were released on $5,000 bond each Friday in connection with a bar fight that injured four people.  Read more after the jump. @Shay_Marie x @gametimegirl

Breaking News: DMX Arrested For Driving 102 mph In A 65!!!

X just can’t stay away from the long arm of the law. Law enforcement are sayin the rapper DMX was arrested again, after being pulled over last night in Arizona for driving 102 mph in a 65. He was driving on a suspended license so cops arrested him. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

Teacher Arrested For Relationship With 14-Year-Old Student After His Classmates Told Police

A Texas teacher has been arrested for having an improper relationship with a 14-year-old student after his classmates told police. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

D.A. To Ask For Dismissal Of Case Against Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested on May 14, 2011 on sexual abuse charges. According to a hotel  maid, Strauss-Kahn sodomized her in his Manhattan hotel room. Strauss-Kahn was freed with no bail and has denied what she has accused him of. The Manhattan District Attorney is now asking the judge to completely dismiss the case against Strauss-Kahn. Read more after the jump. @Julie1205

(Video) Machine Gun Kelly Arrested After Starting A Flash Mob

Recent Bad Boy signee, Machine Gun Kelly, was arrested yesterday after causing complete chaos in an Ohio mall. The Cleveland rapper attempted to start a flash mob at a local mall and has been charged with disorderly conduct. After Kelly and two others were standing on tabletops close to the second floor railing and refused to get down, the cops were called in and took Kelly into custody. Watch the chaos he created after the jump. @Julie1205

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