1 Year Occupy Wall Street Anniversary; 180 Plus Arrests!

More than 180 protesters were arrested on mostly disorderly conduct charges Monday evening. Protesters were clogging the streets of New York’s financial district in an effort to show there strength. Protesters were marching to the beat of drums and making their movement known. Click below to read more. Jason J.

Kenyan Police Stop Major Terrorist Attack!

Men with suspected links to an al-Qaida-Somali militant group were arrested by Kenyan police on Friday. The men were in the final stages of planning a major terrorist attack which involved major explosives and other weapons. Click below to read more. Jason J.

NFL: Lawrence Taylor Says “Dez Bryant Rules” Wouldn’t Have Worked On Him

Lawrence Taylor doesn’t think the “Dez Bryant Rules” would have worked for him while he was an all-pro linebacker for the New York Giants.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

3,000 Rioters Arrested in London!!

Riots continue in London. While U.K. media tries to ignore the story, it is not for lack of interesting facts. 3,000 people were arrested! Find out why after the jump. Emma RABID

BREAKING NEWS: Manny Pacquiao’s Home Burglarized!

posted by: Sabrina B. @gametimegirl & Wendy L @ItsLukieBaby Manny Pacquiao’s Los Angeles home has been burglarized and 4 people have been arrested.  More details after the jump…

(Video) Man Stops Robbery Of His Home From A Airplane

I know these criminals are sitting in their cell pissed. Steven Lynn just happened to be flying over his home and witnessed two dudes stealing from his home. Peep the video of this backfired plot after the jump. @ShottaDru

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