Drunk Man Caught Trying To Stuff Ribs In His Pants

“If at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again” (c) Aaliyah. I think Aaliyah is an artist of choice of Pennsylvania man Donald Noone because back in May he was arrested for attempted robbery of ribs and again he was caught in a Giant Supermarket trying to stuff ribs in his pants. Check out the full story of this hungry hungry hippo after the jump. @ShottaDru

1,900 Arrested in Britain Riots

As London still deals with aftermath of its riots, more than 1,900 people have been arrested (a majority in London) and are facing charges as British police continue their efforts in bringing all those responsible for the rampaging to justice.  Read the full story after the jump!! @ItsLukieBaby

Mom Arrested for 6-Year Old Daughter’s Porn Director Debut

Dallas police arrested a 24-year old mother after discovering some disturbing news. The mother had her 6-year old daughter use a cell phone to film her having group sex on numerous occasions. Talk about low-budget, gruesome details after the jump. Tat WZA WZA on Google+ X Emma Rabid

Tech Talk Hacking: Hacker Wars Heat Up!!

Ok so LulzSec has recently gone on a Hacking Spree, getting into all types thinngs from the US Gov and the Anti-Immigration law AOL & AT&T, but now they call it quits(disbanded even), just as another Group attacks them, it’s getting Crazy!!!! Funk Flex Tat WZA

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