(Video) Teacher Asks Students To Take Selfies With Parents’ Sex Toys

In an peculiar move by an educator, an extra credit assignment that suggested students pose for selfies with their parents’ sex toys has aroused controversy among parents and resulted in an investigation.

FaceBook Gets New Button For Relationship Status ?!!?!?

Is this some type of joke? Nope it’s totally true. “Now Facebook wants to give stalkers the option of being direct, so the company has a new “Ask” button that lets users scope each other out”. Hurry, go on facebook and see whose asking you for your relationship status. Can we say the new Match.com ?

Prepare Yourselves!!! At 1p Flex Answers Questions #ImHereAskFlex

Ask anything you want, because Funk will be ready to rock with you on Twitter!!

Tech Talk News: Top 10 U.S. Web Brands in 2011

    As 2011 comes to a close, Nielsen reviewed the top online destinations, social media sites, and smartphone devices. Google was the most-visited U.S. Web brand, while Facebook held its lead among social networks and blogs. Smartphones were popular in 2011, making up the majority of new phone purchases with Apple as the top smartphone manufacturer and Android as the leading OS. @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

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