(Video) Bill Cosby Tells AP Reporter That He Has No Response To Rape Allegations: Point, Blank, Period…

…and in that order. Damn, this video is priceless. Bill Cosby sits down with an Associated Press reporter, whom I’m guessing was suppose to be discussing Bill’s now cancelled television shows and comedy tour, but opted to ask about the rape allegations [including supermodel, Janice Dickinson] swarming the news. Ol’ Bill was not having it. At least he didn’t pull a Chris Brown at Good Morning America… “No, no we don’t answer that,” Mr. Cosby stated after the reporter began to mention comedian, Hannibal Burgess. “There is no response. There is no comment about that,” he goes on. Talk about awkward. Check it out after the jump.

(Photo) New Evidence Reveal “No Fly Zone” Over Ferguson MO Was To Keep Media Out

The Associated Press has surfaced a recording where Missouri police admit the “No Fly Zone” placed over Ferguson was to keep out the media. Police insist it was to keep citizens “safe”.

(Video) NBA: Lebron Adds Another Trophy To His Collection…Wins AP Male Athlete Of The Year

If it seems like Lebron has won every award lately it’s because he has. He finished the year strong today by being named the 2013 Associated Press male athlete of the year. James received 31 of 96 votes cast in a poll of news organizations, beating Peyton Manning (20) and Jimmie Johnson (7). “I’m chasing something and it’s bigger than me as a basketball player,” James told the AP. “I believe my calling is much higher than being a basketball player. I can inspire people. Youth is huge to me. If I can get kids to look at me as a role model, as a leader, a superhero … those things mean so much, and that’s what I think I was built for. I was put here for this lovely game of basketball, but I don’t think this is the biggest role that I’m going to have.” Lebron joins Michael Jordan and Larry Bird as the only NBA players to win the award. Hit the jump.

Did The AP Twitter Hack Cause The Stock Market To Crash?!?!

Earlier today we posted on hackers taking over the Associated Press twitter account and tweeting about a fake attack on the White House. Now, we learned that the stock market quickly dropped and then recovered, after the AP fake tweet was sent. It caused the The Dow Jones industrial to fall more than 150 points.

Associated Press Publishes Unflattering Photo Of Mitt Romney

The Associated Press recently published the above picture of Mitt Romney bending over, while a seemingly astonished schoolgirl stands behind him, mouth wide open.  The photograph has since surged across the Internet and now people are curious if AP was taking a cheap shot at Romney.  Click “more” below for the full story. DJ Matthew Tyler

‘Associated Press’ Intern Found Dead

Armando Montano, who was an aspiring journalist and news intern for the ‘Associated Press’ in Mexico City, was found dead on Saturday at only 22 years old. Click below for the full story. Melissa Nash

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