Suspects found In Unsolved West Atlantic City Prostitute Murder Case?

Atlantic City is known for its beautiful views, tourist attractions and entertainment. In 2006, West Atlantic City was known for something else, the murder site of four women, whom were prostitutes. Read more after jump

(Photos) Not Again!: Amanda Bynes Goes Buck Wild In Atlantic City Over WHAT?!

She’s at it again, folks. However this time, Amanda Bynes is harassing men in Atlantic City as apposed to celebrities on Twitter. On Friday night, Ms. Bynes was hanging at the Revel Resort in AC when Brett Cohen and his father, Bobby Cohen, spotted the wig-wearing bandit lookin’ like she was hittin’ the bottle. They tried to snap a flick of the troubled star, but then she went bizzurk! Hit the jump for the deets and check out the wacky pictures in the gallery.

2 Found Dead At Atlantic City’s Revel Resort

A 56-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman were found dead in their respective rooms at Atlantic City’s Revel Casino this past weekend…and cops have already ruled out foul play. Seems a bit odd considering their ages and the fact they were separate deaths, but so far, that’s the consensus from the police. Meanwhile, Revel just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy February 19th. It’s not looking great for the the casino!

(Photos) Snakes On A Plane? No! Roaches On A Bus!!!

Greyhound lost some supporters yesterday since Roaches decided to take over! Hit the jump for the full story!

Hurricane Sandy Closes Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club In Atlantic City

Hurricane Sandy really did a number on the east coast, man! News broke today that Jay-Z’s popular 40/40 Club in Atlantic City has closed their doors for good, partially because of the lease ending but a majority because of the damage sustained in the storm. The lease ended the same month as the storm, but because of the “tremendous water damage inside the club,” they chose not to renew it. Damn, that was a nice spot! More details below.

The Most Miserable City In America Is…

Forbes complied their annual list of 20 most miserable cities in America. The misery of the cities is measure y things such as weather, commute times, unemployment, foreclosure rate, violent crime, taxes, and the price of homes. This year, Forbes decided to drop taking political corruption and rankings of pro sports team success into account for their list. Miami, which was last year’s most miserable city is not even on the list this year. Read the full list below.

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