(Video) This Top Secret Poison Dart Gun Causes Heart Attacks & Leaves No Trace…

This is spooky…the gun, a modified Colt 1911, is believed to have been mentioned during the infamous Church Committee probe into the CIA in 1975. Whistleblower (snitch in hip-hop) Mary Embree gives the scoop on this top secret weapon. Hit the jump.

(Video) Donald Trump Says Paris Attack Would’ve Been Different With More Guns

Good ol’ Donald Trump. Forever knowing what to say right? Following the horrible Paris attacks this weekend, Donald Trump states his two cents on what could have eliminated this horrible attack. His answer was…Drumroll Please….more guns smh. As if we need anymore of those.

(Photos + Video) Paris Attacks Leaves Over 150 Dead

Paris is out of control today! There has been approximately 6 shootings and 3 explosions in just a few hours!

(Video) Upset Ariana Grande Fans Take Over Twitter With #CancelWendyWilliamsShow

Yesterday (August 13th) a re-run of the Wendy Williams Show aired in which, Williams covered the split of former couple Ariana Grande and Big Sean. During the coverage of the split, Williams body shamed Ariana Grande saying she would ‘forever look twelve’ and ‘not in a good way.’ Well fans of the pop princess were not happy, and took over twitter calling for the cancellation of the show. Read more below.

(Video) Reported Laser Attacks At Commercial Flights

In New Jersey alone over 34 commercial Fligts reported strange Lasers in the sky. Over half of the reports were around Newark airport. Why on earth would someone flash hand held lasers toward planes? Could it be a terror attack in hopes to blind the pilot ? Although no one was injured in the air or on the ground this causes quite a pandemonium. Three American Airline planes , along with two Jet Blue planes , United , Delta and Republic all reported Laser beamed at their planes. Check the Video and the Gallery to see exactly how the view from the cockpit is during this laser attack.

(Video) Girl Attacks Mother Then Her Son In a Fight

Girl Attacks Mother Then Her Son In a Fight. Just when I think this world can’t get any more disgusting, I get proved wrong once again. Check out the horrific video of an 8th grader beating a woman then her son in a fight.

(Video) Boxing: Yikes! Shantel Jackson Suing Floyd Mayweather; Claims He Attacked, Pulled Gun on Her & More

Wow, this isn’t good for the champ at all. Floyd Mayweather’s ex, Shantel Jackson, has filed a lawsuit against him. She’s claiming he attacked her on multiple occasions and even pulled a gun on her. Hit the jump for details…

(Video) Caught On Tape: Suge Knight Attacks Pot Dispensary Owner

Suge Knight is just never chillin’ out here, huh? The former CEO of Death Row Records has been caught on tape chocking out an employee from a Los Angeles weed dispensary. According to sources, Suge started threatening the man’s life after he was denied his ganja due to the fact he didn’t have a medical marijuana card. Knight is claiming the store offered him weed and money if he makes an appearance at their location and then went back on their word. Keep in mind, an arrest warrant was issued for Knight just a few weeks ago after he was pulled over for driving without a license place. The police than shortly after realized he had a warrant out for missing court for another open case. SMH!

NBA: Revealed! Why Is Kanye West, But NOT Lamar Odom Getting Prosecuted For Paparazzi Incidents?!

So here’s a good question — Why is Kanye West is getting prosecuted for screwing with a photographer’s equipment, but Lamar Odom basically did the same thing and he’s not facing criminal charges?!  Well someone looked into it and got an answer. Check it out & let us know what you think — is it fair?!

Taliban Annouce The Start Of Their Spring Offensive

The Taliban announced they will start their spring offensive on Sunday but the Afghan National Army isn’t scared. The Taliban will start string of attacks as they travel across the country in attempt to gain power and influence as the weather warms and more and more American troops leave Afghanistan. The Taliban claims that their will be attacks against foreign transgressors, diplomatic areas, they also claimed their will be inside attacks as they have infiltrated the Afghan national security forces. Afghanistan’s military say they are prepared to neutralize the offensive, claiming the support of the Afghan civilians, we shall see how all this plays out.

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