Forget Tyga And Kylie.. Blac Chyna Copped Herself Her OWN Expensive Whip!

Blac Chyna is proving to everyone that she doesn’t need a man to buy her nice things! She hit up the dealer and decided to cop herself a brand new toy – a black Audi R8 Convertible with a starting price of $130K. There was a big uproar when BC was forced to give her Mercedes G Wagon back to her baby daddy Tyga, who then let his current girlfriend Kylie Jenner whip it for a few days before buying her a brand new Ferrari for her 18th birthday. Mind you, that gift ran T-Raww’s pockets a whopping $320K. Watch some footage of Blac Chyna’s awesome new whip below!

(Video) Aww! Tyrese’s Nanny Goes Crazy When He Surprises Her With A Brand New Car!

It’s always a beautiful thing when you can pay it forward! Tyrese’s nanny has been with his family for years now, helping large to raise his 7-year-old daughter, Shayla. As a thank you, the singer decided to give her a serious upgrade from her previous set of wheels, and gifted her with a brand new black Audi sedan. He caught the awesome moment on tape, and needless to say, she was overjoyed. Watch the video below – it will definitely bring a smile to your face!

(Video) NFL: LOL, Funny Audi Super Bowl Ad

LOL, so far this is one of the better ads for the Super Bowl.

Auto:(Video) Well…Looks Like This Dude Finally Learned How To Drive

Some of you may or may not know who DJ Afrojack is. As far as music goes, he is a pretty prominent name, but that depends on what type of music you are into. You may know him more as the ex-boyfriend of Paris Hilton. You might also know him if your a regular reader of the auto category for IFWT that he was the dude who crashed a brand new Ferrari 458 2 hours after he bought it. You can see that story by clicking HERE. Well looks like my man took some driving lessons, and also went ahead and bought a new dope ride. He copped himself a black Audi R8 with 550HP and a V10 engine. He better know how to handle all that power. Check out the video of him with his new R8 after the jump.

Auto:(Movie Trailer) Ironman 3 Dumps His Acura NSA For His Audi R8

Only car lovers would probably even notice this. The first 2 Ironman movies, Tony Stark was pushing a sexy white Audi R8. For the avenger’s movie, they had him in the cockpit of the Acura NSX concept car. Guess he wasn’t feeling it, because for the 3rd installment of Ironman, he is back to the Audi family. Check out the trailer after the jump.

Auto:(Photos) Check Out What David Beckham Is Pushing These Days

Soccer in Europe is just like the NFL here in America, it’s BIG! The main sport across the Atlantic ocean pays top dollar to the world’s best soccer players. At one time, David Beckham was one of those top players, and because of that he has enough money to last 5 lifetimes. I mean he had one contract with a team here in the U.S. that was 5 years/$250 million!! That is $50 million a year and he was already past his prime. Why do I mention any of this? Well he likes to spend alot of that money on cars, and very nice ones at that. Beckham already has an elite fleet of rides, but the other day he decided to add a new Audi S8 to the collection. I am a big fan of Audi’s, so you will never hear me talk ill of them. At the moment his ride is pretty stock, but give it a little time and I know this whip will be looking different. Check out the images in the gallery after the jump.

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