50 Cent Donates $100,000 To Autism Awareness

50 Cent is trying to make things right after he wrongly called out an autistic teen for being on drugs. Since the incident went viral last week, the teen’s family has demanded both an apology and a monetary donation from the G-Unit rapper, at first to the tune of $1 million. After receiving the apology, however, they softened their stance, and asked that Fif merely donate $10k to an autism awareness group. He’s now done that – times 10!

Rhymefest Says Chief Keef Clearly Has Autism And Is Being Exploited By The Media

Famed ghostwriter and rapper Rhymefest recently sat down with The Daily Beast and talked about just how artists get exploited in the media. One artist he talked about was fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef, which he proceeded to diagnose with a developmental disorder and say he’s being taken advantage of. Autism is not often a subject brought up in HipHop culture but Rhymefest shed a little light what he feels is a growing problem. He said, “I think many rappers these days have afflictions, such as Asperger’s, bipolar disorder, or autism. They need advocates, but we turn it into entertainment. The media is turning autism into entertainment.” Read more below.

(Video) LMAO!! Adam Sandler & Bob Barker Have A ‘Happy Gilmore’ Style Fight Over Autism!

It all started in 1996 with “Happy Gilmore” on the golf course, an Epic movie fight broke out, which at the time was not just hilarious, but shocking because Bob Barker was up in age….well this 2015 fight might be even more EPIC! #NightOfTooManyStars

Toni Braxton Once Believed That Her Son’s Autism Was A Result Of?!

Toni Braxton has poured out all of her emotions in her latest memoir ‘Unbreak My Heart’, including her deepest thoughts when her son was diagnosd with Autism. Braxton revealed that due to her religious up-bringing, when her sonw as first diagnosed with Autism, she believed it was “a punishment from god’ for having an abortion in 2001. Read her full response below.

(Photos) Oh My That’s Heavy! Superstar Toni Braxton Fault’s Herself For Son Being Diagnosed With Autism?

If you didn’t know, the issue of Autism effecting young children is a big issue, and a hot button debate topic in today’s society. With so many children being effected by this puzzling disorder where no two cases are alike, you’ve heard numerous celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy rallying behind the cause suggesting that some vaccinations may be the culprit of the frequency of cases. Find out why the megastar faults herself inside!

(Video) Brave Autistic Kid Stands Up To His Bullies!

Jake, a kid, wanting to be known for more than his medical problems; has taken a stand in this clip, featured in the upcoming ‘BULLY’ documentary. Watch as Jake stands up to those in his GYM class, who begin to smirk when he starts to tell them how he really feels, below!

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