(Video) Here’s The Video All Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Fans Have Been Waiting For; Lil’ Fizz’s Good Lotion

Finally, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood fans are able to watch the video that involved the craziest twist of the season. For those unfamiliar with the drama, former B2K member Lil’ Fizz invited his son’s mother Moniece Slaughter to be the main hottie in his newest music video “Good Lotion” while they both dated other people. Check out the video after the jump!

(Photos) Raz B Goes On Strange Twitter Rant Both Bashing & Praising Omarion & Lil’ Fizz

Former B2K member Raz B has been a tad bit nutty these past few months after he released a sex tape overseas (while looking high as sh*t). However, we weren’t 100% that he has completely lost it until he went on a Twitter rant bashing and praising his former bandmates at the same time. Razz went off about Omarion and Lil’ Fizz, making absolutely ZERO sense WHAT-SO-EVER. He mentions Omarion’s “Pose To Be” record and took it back to “Ice Box.” He even brought their former manager, Chris Stokes, into the equation. Of course, no body even wasted their time responding back to Raz. We wish we could decode Raz B’s ridiculous rant, but he just sounds insane to be completely honest. Check out his Twitter rant over in the gallery. A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE! #JustSaying

(Photos) Looks Like Lil’ Fizz & Baby Mama Moniece Spent Christmas Together

Busted! Well, not really. Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’s own Lil Fizz and his baby mama Moniece showed the world just how dysfunctional their relationship is throughout this past season of the show. From Fizz’s relationship with Amanda to her fights with Moniece and a billion other parenting issues added into the mix, we thought we’d never see a reconciliation between Fizz and Mo’. However, the two shocked us after Fizz posted up a picture of his super awesome red Christmas tree on X-Mas day. Now just a regular tree flick is very common around this time of year (duh) but the kicker is he tagged Moniece in the photo to let us ALL know they spent the holidays TOGETHER as a family! Shortly after, she also uploaded a similar photo of the Christmas tree in Fizz’s Hollywood crib. Are the two working things out? Did Amanda get the boot for good? Looks like all of the above= YES AND YES! I’m happy for the two of them. If two people who have a child together can make it work, I am ALL for that. Too many little kids growing up in broken homes. What a beautiful Christmas gift that must have been for their little son! Mona probably had the cameras rolling the WHOLE entire time.

(Check The 18+ Vid) Oh Sh*t! Raz B From B2K Has A Sex Tape Out!

WELP, looks like former B2K member Raz B has a sex tape floating around the World Wide Web. The video was apparently shot in China where Raz claims he has a bunch of business endeavors such as running night clubs and so on in the Asian market. In the home-made amateur porno, Raz and his fellow co-star look high as a kite like they’ve taken every single drug known to man. I mean, the tape is definitely not the most impressive thing I’ve seen but whatevs. Check out Raz B’s sex tape below. Ol’ girl was most DEFINITELY doing way too much though. C’mon ma, get it together. SMH!

(Photos) Omarion Spotted Holding Newborn Son In Hollywood

Too cute!! Omarion cradles his newborn son, Megaa, during a night out in Hollywood.

Check Out Omarion Answer Fan Questions About Sex, B2K, & More!

Recently, Omarion sat down with OK! Magazine to promote of his upcoming album, Sex Playlist. O took the time to answer fan questions about sex, B2K, and more. To check out the interview, click below.

(Photos) Did You Know? Lil Fizz Is NOT Actually Jhene Aiko’s Cousin!

Back when B2K were on fire in the early 00’s, the guys attempted to use their fame to help launch the careers of singers close to them, including Omarion’s younger brother O’Ryan and Lil Fizz’s “cousin” Jhene Aiko. Jhene appeared alongside Fizz in B2K’s video for “Why I Love You,” wearing matching Lakers gear with her cuzzo and actually looking very much like him. She was introduced as Fizz’s cousin and put out some music back then, but nothing really popped off. Eventually, she took time off to finish school and have a baby (with O’Ryan actually, LOL), and is making plenty of noise now as a Def Jam artist with a completely new sound. But naturally, Fizz and B2K still get brought up. Turns out, they actually weren’t related at all!

This Songstress Has A Track With A Certain, “Control” Rapper On The Way!

I will never forget back in the year 2000 – or so, give or take a year – I was head over heels in love with, B2K (judge me, NOT)! But then, Lil Fizz introduced his “cousin” to the world. Being the crazed teenager/fan I was known to be, I was under the impression that the group belonged to me, so any female that got close – claws would show. I gave Jhene Aiko a chance (I mean, she was only a relative). I then heard her sing, “Santa Baby” on the group’s Christmas album, and she had me hooked. Now, Jhene Aiko is doing her own thing. She’s since made appearances on songs from artists such as, J. Cole, Drake, Big Sean and Wale. Jhene is working on her own material at this time, and she’s divulged the secret, that among the artists she’s done verses for, so far, only one plans on returning the favor. Hit the jump for the details.

(Updated Again) Raz B From B2K Smashed In The Face With A Bottle [Better]

Kinda Crazy right? Well I want to have sympathy here, But the problem is it really seems as though it could have been avoided! Hit the jump to see the Photo of his face, and the reason. UPDATED Again Below

(Video) Jhené Aiko ReVamps Tupac’s, “Keep Ya Head Up”

I remember I bought B2K’s Chritsmas album (YES, I was a hardcore fan – LOL!), and Jhené Aiko sang the classic, “Santa Baby!” That’s when I became a fan. It’s taken a while for her to get the proper recognition, but it looks like the wait was well worth it. Continuing with, Rap-Up TV’s music session, Jhené covers Tupac’s, “Keep Ya Head Up,” by slowing things down a bit. LOVE IT! Hit the jump to check it out.

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