Shawty Lo’s Reality Show “All My Babies Mamas” Canceled

After receiving HORRIFIC reviews and, as you could only imagine, a large backlash from the Black community, I regret to inform you that Shawty Lo’s “All My Babies Mamas” reality TV show was canceled by the Oxygen Network. ::Hands over box of tissues:: I know you’re all so sad..LOL. Click the jump to hear what “Shawty Lo the Ratchet Girl Impregnator” had to say for himself.

Akon’s Baby Mama Wants Him To Pay HOW MUCH In Child Support?!?!

Ah, the constant baby mama drama that never seems to end in the Hip-Hop community. Either these rappers need to start paying up, or they need to be more cautious of the females they’re impregnating!!! Akon is the latest rapper caught up in a child support battle with his baby mama.. of child #7 and #8. (DAMN!, how many baby mamas does this dude have?!) Hit the jump to hear exactly how much more money per month his baby mama is asking for now!

UFC:(Photos) UFC Star Using Violence In The Wrong Place?

Phil Davis is known for putting the hurt on dudes in the UFC ring, but he may have his toughest fight on May 7th when he goes to court for charges of assault and brutality from the mother of his child. The allegations against him are pretty crazy, but he also has something to say about it as well. Read about it after the jump.

NBA: Baby Mama Drama?! Dwight Howard Offended By Fan’s Sign & Responds To Them on Twitter!

The good news here is that Dwight Howard didn’t let any drama/rumors distract him from helping the Lakers get into the playoffs.  I haven’t heard these rumors about Dwight Howard and having a bunch of baby mamas (I heard about a couple, but not 5). Well a fan did & she made sign in his honor.  She meant it as a compliment, but D12 wasn’t very happy about it and let her know on Twitter. Ahhhh the power of social media.  Check out the exchange between the two after the jump…

(PHOTOS) NBA: Royce White Allegedly Paid $20K For Woman to Have Abortion (But She Didn’t)

Oh lawd.  Here we go AGAIN.  The Royce White drama continues.  We’ve shared the stories of Royce allegedly having a few babies mamas and may have 3 babies on the way (#s 3, 4 and 5).  Well the woman with baby #3 is claiming that he gave her $20k to have an abortion and of course she is sharing texts as proof.  Yikes.  SMH.  Fellas, I hope you are learning from this!!! Details after the jump…

(Video) NBA: Oh Damn! Is Gabrielle Union Sending Messages To Dwyane Wade’s Ex Siovaughn?!

Even though it’s none of our business, people have speculated for a long time that actress Gabrielle Union was the reason for the divorce between Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife Siovaughn. Clips of Siovaughn appearing on Dr. Phil (videos & details after the jump) hit the blogs yesterday where she talks about the relationship and apparently Gabby wasn’t too happy about it. She sent out some tweets that seemed aimed at Siovaughn. About an hour later though, Gabrielle sent another tweet that has some fans a little confused. Is Gabby talking about Siovaughn?! Check it out after the jump & let us know what you think…

NBA: Michael Jordan’s Alleged Son Begged His Mom To Sue!

We shared the crazy story yesterday about a woman named Pamela Smith who is suing Michael Jordan for child support and medical bills, naming Jordan as her 16-year-old son’s father. Now more details are being release about how the son convinced her to sue! Check out the report after the jump…

NBA:(Video) Whoa!! Micheal Jordan Gets Sued By Alleged Baby Mama!

This story is crazy to me, but hey, maybe I’m wrong. Everything just seems suspect, but here it is. A woman named Pamela Smith is now suing MJ, claiming he is the father of her 16 year old son Taj. She claims her and Jordan had sex in 1995, and she gave birth to her son in June 1996. Why did it take 16 years for her to suddenly bring this up? It is also interesting because at that time Jordan would of been married to his wife Juanita during that time frame. The woman Pamela wants a court to force a paternity test. She also wants full custody and child support, of course she does. The boy has been with her 16 years, so why would she request full custody, she already has it. But the strangest thing is, she wants the judge to make “Jordan” the new legal last name of her son. It sounds more and more like she is just looking for attention. Why would you want your son to have the last name of a man who wasn’t around while you raised him, unless you just want attention. SMH, we will see how this plays out. Watch the video of 16 year old Taj after the jump. Even the way he talks of MJ being his dad seems sketchy.

50 Cent Pulls The Plug On His Child’s Mother Appearing On TLC Reality Show!

Announced back in October, the exes of many of our favorite male celebs were revealed to have a reality show in the works with TLC. Along with Lamar Odom’s ex, Funk Flex’s ex and more, Shaniqua Tompkins filmed an extensive amount of scenes that now will be on the cutting room floor thanks to her ex, 50 Cent! He wasn’t playing any games! Details below. Marisa Mendez

(Audio) Is Shawty Lo Really Able To Name All Of His Children In Under 30 Seconds ???

I wonder whose going to be tuned into the life of SHAWTY LO. When asked by Ebro if he could name all of his kids in under 30secs, Lo named them from oldest to youngest. BOMB, in yo’ face. Lol! BUT when asked if he could name all of the babies mothers, he gets kind of lost. Drop down bottom and have a listen. JaaiR (JR)

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