50 Cent On His Way To JAIL For 5-Years?!

You read correct – not YALE, but JAIL. Hit the jump to see why 50 Cent – or as the system will refer to him as – prisoner #5050505050, might be doing 5-years.

Nas’ Baby Mother Goes In On Him During The Grammys

Though it was supposed to be a joyous night for Nas as he hit the 55th annual Grammy Awards with some nominations, the mother of his first child wanted to cause some waves. One of Nas’ nominations was for his single, “Daughters,” which is unsurprisingly about his daughter with Carmen Bryan, Destiny. Apparently Carmen (and perhaps Destiny) felt that Des should have been Nas’ date to the awards show, yet she wasn’t…so Carmen decided to air out her frustrations on Twitter. While she does have a point that it’d make sense since the song is about her, I don’t think he’s WRONG for not taking her. What do you think? Check the tweets and let us know!

It Continues…Future’s Baby’s Mother Is Flipping Out Calling Him A Deadbeat !?!?

This chick really feels some type of way. Future is getting put on blast. After sending subliminal tweets to Ciara, Future’s BM took to twitter (she has since deleted the tweets) to express her true emotions. The woman, named Brittani even incorporated L.A. Reid in her spazz out and RT’d Future’s reaction to her being his FIANCE. She then decided to calm down with some softer side tweets. She shouldn’t be flipping out like this, because she really is too pretty for all that. Drop down bottom and check out the pics.

NFL: Whoa Eagles RB LeSean McCoy & His New GF Go OFF On His Baby Mother, She Fires Back Crazy!

I’m usually awake for the twitter antics (most choose late at night to air each other out).  But since I missed this one I went to my girl Stiletto Jill’s site to catchup and this one is crazy.  Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy went at his baby mother Steph on twitter last night with the help of his new girlfriend Sydney and boy was it ugly.  Read more after the jump.

(Photos) Rumor Mill: Shawty Lo Is Getting Ready To Be A Daddy With The 11th Baby Mama !?!?

Damn SHAWTY !!! This is crazy! You could barely get your showed aired, because you already have 10 baby mothers and 11 kids. You trying to add more ?! I’m surprised that this dude isn’t walking around somewhere BUCKED NAKED with a sign. All them kids has got to put a dent in a person’s pockets. It’s being said that Shawty got ex-girlfriend, Jai Jai knocked up this time. She posted to IG a very pregnant picture of her stomach (half naked by the way like she’s NOT carrying). A source told TheYBF.com that he was the daddy, but we need to hear this from Shawty Lo’s own mouth. I need this dude to say CONDOM. Drop down bottom and check out the gallery. JaaiR (JR)

NFL: Chad Johnson’s Baby Mother Wants Him to Pay Child Support or Get Put in Jail

Chad Johnson is not having a good year.  He lost his wife, job and could end up in jail yet again.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

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