(Photos) NFL: Beats By Tape ! Colin Kaepernick Covers Beats Logo To Avoid Fine

After learning the hard way of what happens when wearing Beats in the NFL, 49ers QB Kaepernick has found a way to sidestep the Beats headphones ban. Yes, ladies and gents, he simply tapes the logo. Hit the jump for photos of Kaepernick’s bold move!

Adult Film Industry Resumes Filming 24 Hours After H.I.V Scare

The XXX film industry in Los Angeles came to a sudden halt Thursday evening after an adult star tested positive for H.I.V. After news broke of the positive test, a moratorium or temporary ban was put into effect. Thankfully Friday morning news broke that the test results were negative and activity’s resumed as normal. Fear not, more films are on there way from the adult film industry in L.A.

Nigerian Capital Bans All Protests On #BringBackOurGirls

It’s been weeks since an Islamic militant group kidnapped more than 200 Nigerian girls from their school of learning. Countless people have spoken out on the topic, including celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Alicia Keys, and even our first lady put up her, “#BringBackOurGirls” sign. Today, the issue continues to be a big one, this time in the country of Nigeria. Officials of the capital city in the country, Abuja has banned all protests on the topic calling the situation to be an, “issue of terrorism.” Check the jump for a statement from The Commissioner of Police in Federal Capital Territory (FTC), Mr Joseph Mbu.

LOL!! Colleges To Students: No Selfies During Graduation!!

Times have surely changed. Colleges like the University of South Florida and Bryant University have officially banned graduating students from taking selfies during their graduating ceremony. They claim that the ceremonies are already long and don’t want it to be extended due to cell phone flicks. More info after the jump.

NBA: Donald Sterling’s Mistress/GF Reacts To Sterling Being Banned For Life!

Yesterday the world rejoiced when racist Clippers owner Donald Sterling was banned for life from the NBA (with a fine and will be forced to sell the team).   V. Stiviano is the woman who is accused of leaking the tapes — even though she denies it — and was his mistress/girlfriend (again she denied that too).  Well she’s reacted to the NBA’s punishment.   Check it out…

NBA: Donald Sterling’s Wife Attended Clippers Game 5, Here’s How The Players Felt About It

Rochelle “Shelly” Sterling, the (estranged) wife of Clippers owner Donald Sterling attended the Clippers/Warriors game 5 last night — after the big announcement that he’s been banned for life.  Wondering how Coach Doc Rivers and the players felt about that?!  Do they have the same feeling they have towards Donald?!  Hit the jump to find out…

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