(Caught On Tape) THIS Is What Happened When An Illinois Man Passed Out In A Bar!!

After falling to the ground from what was assumed to be a heart attack, when everything was said and done, Illinois’ Larry Lotter realized that he was missing $100 from his wallet and it wasn’t because of Obamacare. Another patron, Bryan Kuegler, who went to help apparently didn’t. Once Kuegler saw paramedics he snatched Lotter’s wallet. Get this, he even bought drinks for Lotter’s date with the money. Hit the jump to see it.

(Video) NFL: Michael Vick Confronted By Heckler at NYC Bar; Heckler Gets Handled By Security

Welcome to NY Michael Vick.  I know some people will never forgive him, but c’mon leave the man alone.  He did his time and paid his debt to society.  Well Vick and some friends went out to a bar in NYC and an aggressive heckler decided to go at Vick.  Security had to step in and it got physical.  Check out the footage…

(Caught On Tape) Watch The Moment Shots Are Fired Into A Club After The Gunman Was Refused Entry!!

Security cameras in Philly caught footage of a bouncer letting in 3 women, followed by a hooded man. For some reason, the women were let in, but the man was escorted out shortly after. What happens next may be surprising to some. Enraged, the man, first, throws a carton towards the door of the bar. A little later, he pulls out and lets a couple shots off through the door, ultimately hitting the bouncer in the face. Check it out after the jump.

Sean Kingston Skips Out On $8K Bill And Gets Tracked Down By Cops In D.R.

Sean Kingston had one hell of a night at a Dominican Republic nightclub, Euphoria, where he racked up a $8,000 tab and walked out on the bill.

NBA: Really? Lol. LeBron James Gets Carded at Bar; Here’s His Reaction…

C’mon fam, really?  Carding LeBron James?!  Even people that don’t like or know sports know who LeBron is. LeBron was recently carded at a bar (while watching the Orange Bowl).  I find it really hard to believe that the guy was serious, but apparently he was (or he just wanted LBJ’s address).  Welp there you have it, you can be one of the biggest stars in the country and you will still get carded.  So what was Bron’s reaction?!  Hit the jump to find out…

(Caught On Tape) Watch What Canadian Police Do To This Man For Resisting Arrest!!!

Canadian Police get real. Footage shows how they react to resisting arrest. Led by the real-world Paul Blart, they decide to arrest a man for intoxication while he was smoking a cigarette. Turns out that he was let off easy. Police were notified of the man while he was in a bar. One barkeep stated that he was getting ready to fight another patron that was allegedly “keeping an eye on him.” In their report, the officers noted that the man was significantly bigger and also more aggressive than the responding unit. See how they managed to get the man on the ground after the jump.

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